Unlimited Reasons to Add Garlic to Your Diet

The garlic bulb is world renowned for its exquisite properties as a culinary spice. However, you may not realize that the health benefits of garlic and allicin supplements are just as outstanding. Upping your intake of this wonder food is easy and delicious, if you enjoy its startling taste. The next time you're thinking about making a recipe heavy with extra garlic, remember this outline of its extensive nutrient and medicinal powers.

All About Garlic Health Benefits

Since its discovery, garlic has gained an excellent reputation as a provider of key nutrients. In time, modern science has backed folklore about its natural strengthening effects. Although it's related to plants like onions and leeks, garlic outdoes them as an unique source for healthy amounts of selenium, iron, and sulfides.

When it comes to nutrient deficiencies, insufficient selenium is a well known problem. This metallic element is vital for upholding good thyroid, hormonal, and vitamin balancing functions. Iron is another important necessity for keeping healthy, energetic blood, and staving off physical disorders. In fact, deficiencies in both selenium and iron have been successfully linked to increased cancer rates among many populations.

Fortunately, garlic is a great purveyor of both essential nutrients. It carries selenium directly into the body, while promoting better iron processing in the metabolism. These are two very important factors behind garlic's notable preventative abilities.

Allicin is the third elemental partner in garlic's high reputation. Gaining high doses of allicin through supplements or extra garlic in food is a fantastic way to enjoy a laundry list of protections from common debilitating diseases. Allicin is a sulfur based compound that produces other sulfurs as garlic undergoes physical processes like crushing. As a result, your system inherits greater resilience against cancers and cardiovascular illnesses. It tends to promote a balancing effect as well, decreasing the risk of suffering high cholesterol or diabetes.

Finally, it would be extremely remiss to ignore garlic's anti-septic properties. Under almost any circumstances, garlic is a vigilant guardian and a fierce warrior against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Adding enough to your diet may even help prevent familiar nuisances like the common cold and influenza. Applying garlic to skin infections, or taking it orally while ill, tends to speed up recovery too.

Tips for Optimizing Garlic Intake

While consuming garlic in nearly any fashion will provide some of the protections mentioned above, there are ways to optimize the experience. The health benefits of garlic and allicin supplements are even more efficient with the right approach.

Luckily, garlic remains a widely used spice. Procuring it from any grocer lends you virtually unlimited opportunities for incorporating it in food. Curiously, the allicin compound responsible for so many garlic bonuses only lasts for a few hours after being exposed to the open air at room temperature. However, it can be preserved for up to several days if you crush the bulbs. Pick up a quality garlic crusher like the OXO stainless steel press to process your garlic in its most potent form.

People who dislike the intense smell and taste of garlic, or those who just want to avoid unpleasant breath from consuming too much, can easily reap the same benefits. Thanks to increased demand, manufacturers issuing allicin pills are on the rise. Supplement makers like ALLI-C offer bulk packs of allicin capsules designed to deliver a hefty, invigorating dose of this key garlic component.

With a veteran's list of proven enhancements, the health benefits of garlic and allicin supplements are not to be missed. Treat your body right by giving it a garlic surge, and you're sure to enjoy the lasting dividends in a healthier future.

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