There are numerous health benefits of Greek yogurt you should know about. You might be aware of some of them, hopefully you will find some new knowledge you were looking for in my article. While reading this article you will also learn why Greek yogurt is better than the plain one.  So, let's go with the health benefits of greek yogurt:

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  • Proteins enriched

If you want to increase proteins amount in your diet you are in the right place. Single 227 grams (8 oz.) serving gives you about 22 grams of albumins, which is pretty much. Because of this sole fact you should definitely think about incorporating Greek style yogurt into your diet. If not on a daily basis maybe a few times a week?
  • Small amounts of carbohydrates

This fact is especially beneficial for diabetics but even if you aren't one of them it's a good news for you. Remember that sugar is one of the main reasons of obesity and dairy products contain some sugar (lactose) amongst their carbohydrates.
  • Rich in calcium

Single 227 grams (8 oz.) serving provides you with 20-25% of your daily calcium intake value. That is another good reason to incorporate strained yogurt into your diet (take note that plain yogurt contains a little more calcium than Greek).
  • Helps with weight loss

Greek yogurt keeps your belly full on a few calories. Per single 227g (8 oz.) serving you provide yourself with about 130 calories, mostly from proteins, which is great! Plain yogurt provides a little less calories but mainly from carbohydrates (and sugar amongst them) which isn't a good solution for your body.
  • Helps with lactose intolerance

According to AskDrSears[1416] yogurt contains live active cultures which produce lactase - the enzyme that people with lactose-intolerance lack.
  • Low in sodium

It's a great benefit for people watching their salt intake. Greek yogurt contains around 40% less sodium than plain yogurt. If you are interested in details you can check the nutrition facts for a Greek yogurt[1417] and a plain yogurt[1418].
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All those health benefits seem great but I remind you that not all products labeled “Greek yogurt” are recommended for you. Before buying one you should take a look at the nutrition information on the product's label. You should look for a fat free Greek yogurt with nutrition values similar to these[1417]. If a Greek yogurt contains like 10% of fat stay away from it! Similar situation goes when a product contains like only 5 g proteins per 100 g of the product.

Remember that there are many different Greek yogurt products on the market and only the best ones should be incorporated into your daily diet program. You can also take price as a determinant while searching for the best product. Greek yogurt is significantly more expensive than plain yogurt so if the prices are pretty similar then it's almost sure that the quality of that Greek yogurt is low and you shouldn't be interested (in the sake of your health) in that kind of products. Please remember that there are many benefits of eating Greek yogurt and the mentioned list of benefits isn't complete by any means.

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