The Chinese and Japanese people have been utilizing the health benefits of green tea since the ancient times. People participating in weight loss programs will find that they can lose weight with green tea. Green tea helps burn around 70-80 calories if one were to drink 4 cups a day. These results vary from person to person.

The green tea origins are concentrated around the southeastern part of Asia and can be found around northeast India, north Burma, southwest China and Tibet. Metabolism components are found in the green tea extract and may prove beneficial and supplement weight loss methods. Green tea extract is not a solitary solution that works as a wonder plant to consistently lose weight but will help along with other supplemental extracts.

To lose weight with green tea, a person would have to go above the set limit to lose weight. A person would have to achieve reaching the point of calorie loss minimal to losing weight. For example; person exercises and loses 500 calories, then takes green tea extracts, that person does this every day and will lose at least a pound a week. The tea is found to boost metabolism, thus creating a useful loss of 80 calories in a weight loss plan. Including the tea in ones diet plan on a consistent basis is a definite way to lose weight and supplement an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Green tea leaves have a component of caffeine that will help boost motivation and energy as well. Valid evidence has been established on the health benefits of green tea by indicating that tea will inhibit the growth of cancer cells. People that take green tea extracts may find it beneficial if they have conditions but not limited to cancer, arthritis, high cholesterol, negative vascular conditions and immune system disorder.

Green tea has the ability to reduce the sugar load and fat as well as burning calories. Drinking the tea can replace the cup of coffee one might daily drink, it has almost the same amount of caffeine. Green tea is said to mildly suppress appetites and that will help supplement the weight loss plan. Drinking soda may cause a conflict of interest if one drinks soda and green tea, it would be wise to replace drinks with high sugar loads since too much sugar can cause diabetes. Bottled green teas usually contain lower levels of polyphenols and a considerable amount of sugar and calories which reverses the health benefits of green tea.