Making yourself a green vegetable juice several times a week, or even daily, will provide great benefits for your health. Green vegetables (greens) are amongst the most nutritious plants on earth. They are generally high in vitamin C, are good plant sources of calcium, and are packed with phytochemicals, especially chlorophyll. Among its other functions, chlorophyll is the plant pigment that gives green vegetables their color. The darker leafy greens therefore contain the highest concentrations of chlorophyll.


Health Benefits of Chlorophyll
The most amazing ability of chlorophyll is its mysterious conversion of sunlight into energy. As of yet, science is still not clear of the inner workings of this process. What we do know, is that sunlight is somehow transformed into plant sugars. Without this there would not be a food supply for us! As well as being essential for marine, animal and mammal life to exist, chlorophyll also helps with blood building. Chemically, chlorophyll has a structure almost identical to an important component of our red blood cells called hemin. The great news is that when we consume chlorophyll, digestive enzymes actually transform chlorophyll into hemin. This helps to raise our red blood cell count and improve the quality of our blood.

Alkaline Forming
Vegetables, especially green vegetables, are alkaline in nature and play a key role in the alkaline diet. Most westerners have a body PH that is too acidic from eating too much red meat, dairy, saturated fat and sugar, all of which are acidic. Although there is a much bigger picture to becoming more alkaline, adding a simple daily green juice can help. There are some major benefits to becoming less acidic -

1) Detoxification. Pesticides, smog, smoke, industrial pollution are all chemicals that our immune system has to deal with. More often than not, we cannot process these pollutants faster than we absorb them, creating the common condition of toxicity. As almost all toxins are acidic, a more alkaline body environment is better able to deal with removing toxic waste. In addition to this, green vegetables are loaded with other antioxidant vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are a major part of a strong immune system and removing toxic waste.

2) Cancer prevention. Almost all diseases, including cancer need an acidic environment to grow and thrive in. Another problem is that healthy cells sometimes need to mutate to survive in overly acidic environments. This kind of mutating is essentially the birth of cancerous cells.

Juicing Green Vegetables
Juicing is a great way to increase the amount of green vegetables in your diet. When you juice, you use a lot more vegetables than you could eat; this increases your nutrient intake of cholorphyll, vitamin C etc. The best sources of chlorophyll are darker green vegetables, such as leafy greens like spinach and kale.