Lemon Health Benefits

Benefits of Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the very common fruits with high benefits of Health. The exact origins of Lemons are not really known, but it is highly believed to be originated from Asian countries around India, Northern parts of Burma and China. Lemons can be grown year around with the peak growing season fall on month of April to August. It has abundant of Vitamins and Minerals, and Lemon health benefits had been widely known by people from India, China since long time ago.  As its health benefits have been so widely accepted, it was later being brought to Europe and America, and now you can commonly see the trace of lemons  in almost every corner of the planet especially in food preparation and culinary.

Lemons are no doubt very low in calories, with a little trace of fat and protein. Half a cup of lemon juice contribute to less than 30 calories and by eating the pulp together, it will bring you with around 3 grams of fiber as well. Lemons are high in vitamins especially vitamin C and relatively rich in Vitamin A and B, besides they have also high content of potassium and phosphorus. Other minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, selenium, manganese and zince are also found in lemons.

Lemon juice with all nutrients in it, has long been used as an effective ingredient to treat many ailments or to be drunk daily for preventative purposes. It is proven that lemon juice does a good help for indigestion, it cleanse the liver and trigger the production of more bile to help the digestion process. It is also being used as an ingredient for the remedy of gallstones as well as to relieve constipation and bowel problems. It is no doubt a great fruit for the overall digestive system of our body.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice has tremedous benefits for our skin too. The flavanoids content in lemon help to restore the lustre to our skin,  remove acnes, smoothen the texture and scars of skin. Applying some lemon juice to skin before expose to strong sun will help to prevent skin damages, if you have sun burn on your skin , try to apply some lemon juice on it , as it is a good cooling agent that help a lot in reducing the buring sensationto and also help to speed up the fading process of the scars. .

Lemon juice is a good antibacterial agent, it is proven to be effective in fighting bacteria and infections of mouth and throat. There are easily thousands of bacteria in our mouths that can cause gum bleeding and cavities problem, and by drinking lemon juice, it will greatly reduce the amount of bacteria in mouth. You may also try to apply some lemon juice directly to a bleeding gum or a toothache, it will help to relieve the pain and stop the bleeding. Believe it or not, drinking lemon juice is an effective way to cut down a bad breath too. There are  many more Health benefits of Lemon that one could easily read from the websites and testify it in your daily life.