Why Honey is a Rising Super Food

Ever since the first bees were domesticated by humankind, their products have been a coveted staple of Western diets. The most notable one is honey. In more recent times, this gooey sweetener is gaining renewed attention for its miraculous health powers. By eating raw, organic honey, you stand to inherit a wide range of health benefits that strengthen the body's natural defenses, and optimize its high stress functions.

The Health Benefits of Honey

An incredible chemical conversion goes on whenever bees set out to produce this food. During the process, honey acquires unique biochemical properties that makes it ideal fuel for the health conscious individual. Honey's main draw is its flexible and easy incorporation into almost anything. It can be used as a sweetener in beverages, applied to desserts, and placed into recipes. Unlike other healthy foods and supplements that may require some effort to consume on a regular basis, honey is the ultimate medicine that's never hard to choke down.

Organic honey's preventative strengths have been observed first hand for centuries, and more recently in the laboratory. For instance, it's full of antioxidants, which are a proven detriment to cancers and mutagenic disorders across the board. As an antiseptic and anti-fungal compound, honey is a fantastic way to fight infection, and stop new invasions cold. While its preventative effects are best observed by taking it orally, it can be applied to wounds on the skin to promote faster, balanced healing.

Eating raw honey as an energy booster has garnered some well deserved attention too. Several studies suggest it may help improve athletic and mental functions during rigorous events like tournaments and lengthy study sessions. Mix it with warm water, or black tea which is good for you too. Another pleasant paradox in honey's makeup lays in the way the body digests it.

Despite having more calories and sweetness than sugar, it may actually promote weight loss. When taken alone in a supplemental fashion, or dissolved in a warm beverage, honey encourages the metabolism to burn fat as it processes honey's glucose. As long as you avoid slathering honey on fat rich desserts, you'll find pounds dropping off with delicious ease.

Raw Organic Honey

Why to Choose Raw Organic Honey

To maximize the health benefits you receive, it's important to choose only the best. Raw, organic honey purchased from trustworthy sellers is the surest way to reap all of honey's natural magic. Although any honey is likely to offer some positive effects, selecting the purest options is wise. It's helpful to look for USDA certified organic offerings to leave no doubts about quality.

Avoid cheap honey produced by mass techniques. These varieties are likelier to have synthetic compounds that may erode its healing powers. If the honey has been processed in large quantities, it no longer qualifies as raw, which is the optimal type for top health benefits. Besides, mass market honey is typically of a poorer grade than you'll find with local sellers or specialty brands. Look to brands like Wedderspoon's Raw Organic Manuka honey to obtain high quality, nutritious samples.

With its enormous variation and host of enlivening health benefits, honey is poised to become the next super food. Stay ahead of the curve, and consider investing in your health with raw, organic honey in the near future.