The natural medicine of the body

Stress Reduction

Stress is a major cause and gateway to many illnesses cause on people today.  Smiling can help to reduce stress naturally, thus increasing your state of mind and mental health.  A little smiling throughout your day can have a big impact on how you live and interact with other people around you.

Try it yourself.  You can practice your smiling alone in the mirror and by yourself if you're not yet comfortable smiling at people you don't know.

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Smiling naturally increases endorphins within the body.


Endorphins are a part of hormones within the body that relate to our brain and nervous system, they can also be release by other means like exercising.


People Trust You More

Think about it.  If you were going on a blind date with someone, and your friend showed you a picture of the person, would you rather see a photo of them smiling, or not smiling?

Smiling encourages trust, and people feel more connected with others who smile.  This can be seen a lot in politicians, public speakers, and other actors.

Next time you communicate with someone, if you are not already accustomed to it, try smiling and see how the reaction of the other person is.  They may smile back and be more friendly towards you.


Live Longer

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Studies show that people who smile more often, live longer healthier lives.

Smiling does not only have an outward effect on your body, but it helps to transform your body inside as well.  People who smile, tend to be happier, friendlier, and enjoy their lives more than others.  If you are frowning all the time it won't effect your self esteem in a positive way, and people who are happier with their lives have a better chance of living a longer, healthier life.


A Smile Is Contagious

Smiling, much like laughing is a contagious action.

baby-smile-happy-healthCredit: Tambako the Jaguar on flickr

You should try this experiment yourself.  The next time you are walking around in a store, on the street, or inside of a restaurant, smile back at the person who is greeting you.  Don't be surprised if they smile back at you.

It's a natural reaction that people just tend to do, even if they are trying not to.  We are suppose to smile and be happy : ).

I hope you have been able to enjoy this article, so much that it's left you with a smile on your face!


Do you smile often?  What are some things that you notice differently about yourself when you smile vs. when you are not smiling?

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