This article provides information about sorghum, called sorghum bi-color, stating its numerous health benefits.

Health benefits of sorghum bi-color are what we need today, to help satisfy our need for a good and healthy life. Sorghum bi-color plant is a natural herb or cereal, which is completely free of harmful substances.

The cereal is a staple food crop in hot dry tropics. Sorghum bi-color extracts has potent antioxidant abilities - that is to say that it is acts as antidotes against free radicals. Free radicals are known to be culprits in the cause of diseases, aging, etc. It is known that free radicals constantly breakdown your body's natural defense.

These free radicals, report say are usually brought about by smoking, drinking of alcohol, and over exposure to the sunlight, x-rays, toxic chemicals in our water, air, and food, and especially stress. It is reported that doctors agree that stress constitute about 80 percent of health complaints.

Antioxidants, as nutrients in the body, help to neutralize free radicals in the body. The best researched antioxidants were vitamin C and E. It is noted that solving the free radical problem with these vitamins will amount to huge doses, which would bring harm.

It is reported of research indications that say that one gram of sorghum bi-color is more effective against free radicals than about 1000g of vitamin C or E. Chemical analysis has shown that sorghum bi-color contain tannins, phenolic, saponins, and alkaloids.

Phonelics and tannins are known to have antioxidant properties. Sorghum bi-color has anti-anemic properties, according to research that was done on rats. Administration of extracts restored anemic condition in the iron deficient rat.

Sorghum bi-color has been used as an herbal remedy to give immunity to the body. When formed into an herbal product, sorghum bi-color can do many things such as:

1. Ability to strengthen and energize the immune system

2. Helps to eliminate toxic wastes from the body.

3. Helps your body to withstand stress and increases your staying ability.

4. It assists in the building of blood cells

5. Sorghum bi-color herb acts as a natural dietary supplement and natural antioxidant

6. Sorghum bi-color is known to have ability to revive sickle cell victims

7. The herbal helps patients to recover fast

8. Have cardiac stimulating abilities due to the presence of alkaloids. It therefore promotes the free flow of blood and lowers cholesterol levels.

To your healthy living.

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