Health Benefits of Yoga

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Many suggest that yoga has health benefits but what are they and how can you apply them in your life? Yoga is an meditative exercise that has been around for thousands of years. Before finding a home in the U.S. at swanky health clubs and school gym classes, yoga was practiced in India during the Golden Age. Yoga itself is simply an exercise composed of poses and breathing. The poses in yoga are referred to as asanas and are coupled with breath work called pranayama to create an overall experience. Yoga sessions can range from twenty minutes to two hours and are typically taught by certified yoga instructors. There are many health benefits of yoga but those who benefit the most couple yoga with a holistic diet filled with fresh, wholesome food. It is important to note that people of all ages and backgrounds can practice yoga and enjoy it's health benefits. Some of the top health benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, decreased anxiety and depression, increased strength, and balance. Read on to find out how you can enjoy the health benefits of yoga.

Top Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga benefits primarily consist of increased flexibility, emotional health, strength and balance. claims that the best benefit of yoga is the harmonizing of the body to the mind that allows one to overcome daily obstacles with positive thinking and relaxation. As one practices yoga, one begins to feel calmer through breathing exercises and chances of anxiety and depression decrease. Focusing on the present moment can help those suffering from day to day stresses such as work, family, or finances and live a fuller life. Yoga has also been credited to giving people better concentration and increased memory.

Increased flexibility lessens the chance of injury and helps improve ones range of motion. Flexibility and stress relief can also result in better sexual health in both males and females. Balance is improved by practicing yoga as one learns to control their body in different poses. Increased balance can benefit people of all ages but especially helps prevent falls in the elderly. Strength training within yoga can help build muscle and overall tone muscles. Certain types of yoga address each health benefit differently and you can find specific types to cater your desired result.

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In addition to the top benefits of yoga, yoga can aid in weight loss, detoxification, cardiovascular health, asthma reduction, and body alignment. While practicing yoga one can help back pain by building muscles that support the spine. One also improves posture as they become more aware of their body and the different positions they put it in. Cardiovascular health is so very important in our day in age. Stress is the top factor in heart problems. When practicing yoga one helps prevent heart disease and lowers cholesterol by reducing stress in their lives through breathing techniques and meditation. When holding different yoga positions the body tenses and this increases blood circulation that helps strengthen the heart.

Yoga can reduce asthma as participants learn proper breathing techniques and expand the lungs. Many individuals practice yoga for the detoxification benefits as well. When stretching in yoga, blood expands to hard-to-reach places in the body and flushes out toxins stored up. Another health benefit of yoga is weight loss. Many participants claim yoga aids in weight loss because of the increased strength building and metabolism. Stress reduction also helps those fighting obesity. Last but not least yoga helps many achieve a well rested nights sleep as they are relaxed after practicing yoga.Elderly Woman YogaCredit: Ambro

How To Begin Yoga and Apply It's Health Benefits

Now that we've concluded that yoga offers many health benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds, you should begin practicing it. To find a yoga studio or gym that offers yoga classes near you visit your local YMCA, chamber of commerce, or research it online. When considering which yoga classes to take call and speak with the instructor to find out which will suit your physical needs best. You will be surprised that as soon as you begin practicing yoga you will notice and enjoy the many diverse health benefits it offers.