Dopey and Lucky have a lot of competition these days for dumb stuff. Coffee cups come with a warning, "caution hot beverage." There's no such thing as an accident – when someone gets hurt, burnt by coffee per se, someone's gotta pay. Tough business I know. It keeps trial lawyers in the economy. Like the lottery tiny percentages of people get huge amounts of money. Are the rest of us safe now? Only if you can read.

What if the cautionary writing is too small? God forbid you ought to get glasses. The hot beverage company needs to feel your paid. Sue them despite the warning if it was too small to see. Or what if you can't read in English. Shouldn't the warning be posted in Mandarin, in Spanish, in French and Japanese? All sorts of people do drink hot beverages. One hates to think of the beverage company as racist and all, but what is one to think if the warning isn't properly displayed?

Dopey and Lucky put a tremendous amount of strain on their bodies. They haven't got time nor inclination to make life style changes. When their bodies stop working is when they will show up in an emergency room. Without health insurance we're all loathe to go to the doctor. Lucky had a seizure years ago that knocked her out cold. She had a second one recently. Having two seizures increases the probability of more to eighty per cent.

It is certainly a shame she can't get coverage now, not with a "pre-existing condition." The same people who find it ghoulish to link health care to profit seem to enjoy their dividend checks all the same. Truly it isn't up to the Democrats, the Republicans or the President of the United States of America to change the system. The stockholders own it, only they can say no.

When I was in college I remember my philosophy professor posing the query, "What if everyone else's well being depended on the death of one innocent person? The most good for all, does it out weigh the individual? If that person wasn't you, would you vote for his or her death?" We were 18 years old, most of us. The crowd was split. Enough were jolly well happy enough to vote yes as to frighten me. I'm 44 now. They got their wish.

Radio Talk show hosts would have you believe the only people without health insurance don't chose to have it. I look at Dopey and Lucky and myself and I disagree. I don't have it because I can't afford it. Lucky doesn't have it because of her "pre-existing condition". Dopey doesn't have it because she doesn't know what her choices are.