Almost everyone today has a mobile phone.  In the US alone, 91% of American adults own this communication device.  There are some studies indicating that this device poses health risks to long term users but are still unknown.  World Health Organizations came up with their own studies associating mobile phones with health issues.  According to them, radio frequency, which is emitted on regular use of mobile phones, can be detrimental to human health.

Undeniably, the use of cell phones is continuously increasing all over the world every year, as well as the number of times it is utilized every day.  Mobile PhonesCredit: has become a handy tool not just for checking messages or calling someone, but as a mobile internet device, as well. Through the years, different mobile phone brands have been competing against each other in impressively developing mobile technology, adding different functions for a simple device first developed decades ago.

International Telecommunication Union said that there are 6 billion users globally in 2011, which is equivalent to 86 out of 100 people.  With the immense use of this device, medical researchers decided to perform studies on its health effects to all its users.  Its convenience becomes the primary reason why users increased their phone usage every day.  According to Morning Recovery Rehabilitation Center, an American adult usually spends 144 minutes, in a 16 hour period, on the phone.

Increases Risk of Chronic Pain and Weakens Immune System

An average cell phone user puts their device in different places where germs are present.  With this, harmful disease-microbes are possible to stick on the device which can transfer on your hands, potentially lead to diseases.  One of the studies, in the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, used 392 cell phones as subjects and 92% showed bacteria presence while 16% have E.Coli.

Cell phones need the use of hands, either when sending messages or calling someone.  Constant and rapid movements of your hands can possibly strain joints which can cause inflammation and pain.  Also, continuous lowering of the shoulders and neck can result to back pain which is not good for your posture.


When phones are used near a medical device such as hearing aids, it can possibly cause interference.  So as much as possible, these mobile phones should be kept off during medical surgeries or any certain medical procedures where it can intervene with the entire process.  It works the same way on aircraft electronics or when your phone is beside a working TV or stereo system.

Eye Health

Small fonts and bright screens can really strain your eyes, as this device needs close range eye contact for easy reading.  As much as possible, keep an adequate distance when reading, reduce screen glare and make the text size bigger.

Nobody can avoid using phone every day as all communications are mostly through this device.  It is essential to know the risks, to keep your mobile phone clean and determine where to use them properly and safely.  Mobile phones and other devices were created to improve one’s life but be responsible in using them to avoid health risks.