Eating Healthy Yogurt

Fresh homemade Yogurt, when served with fresh fruit will satisfy most taste buds. In addition to the wonderful taste, the health benefits are so remarkable that more health-conscious people are adding Yogurt to their daily diet.  For that reason, more manufacturers now make Yogurt using active, “good bacteria”.

More people are aware of the following health benefits although the costs often outweigh their decision to buy it.  Therefore, I am writing this article to show you how to make your own for the cost of one litre of milk. That way you will not have to outlay your hard-earned money buying healthy Yogurt in the future.

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Health benefits for eating Yogurt

Boosts immunity: Studies are proving that people eating Yogurt have more immunity against infections as Yogurt stimulates the white cells in our bloodstream.

Easier to digest: Children that cannot tolerate drinking milk can often digest Yogurt easier with fewer problems from upset stomachs.

Source of Calcium and Protein: Yogurt is also rich in protein and the live cultures in Yogurt increase calcium absorption.

Lowers Cholesterol: Aids in lowering our blood cholesterol.

Vitamins: Did you know that Yogurt is loaded with vitamins?  One serving contains a source of riboflavin, iodine, zinc, potassium, magnesium and many others.

Aids in weight loss: The amino acids help burn fat in our bodies.

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Reasons to Make your Own Yogurt

  • It is cheaper and easy to make.
  • By making it yourself, you know it is chemical free
  • Health food
  • You know it is fresh
  • No added sugar (less calories)
  • No artificial colours and flavours

How long does Yogurt Last?

  • That will depend on a number of factors:
  • Preparation and manufacture in making.
  • Date of manufacture
  • How and where it is stored
  • Types of Yogurt

It should keep once opened for up to ten days when stored in the refrigerator although your nose will be the best judge. Unopened it should last up to two weeks.  Frozen it will keep up to eight weeks if kept in the freezer. 

What do I Need to Know Before Making Yogurt?

Sterilisation is very important: Always sterilise all equipment before attempting to make this.  Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Just pour hot water over and dry before use.

Choose the milk of your choice: It makes no difference, which you use. Make it with any of the following: Low fat, full cream, skim milk or even powdered milk. To make it creamier, add extra powdered milk.

Healthy Food - Bananas Apricots and YoghurtCredit: TPhotos

Use home-made yoghurt over fresh fruit

What starter Yogurt do I use?

Live cultures: I have heard that you can use any type of starter although I would recommend using one with live cultures.  Once you have made your first batch, use that to start your next one.  Make a few batches this way then start from a new culture again, this will ensure you create a healthy product each time.

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How to Make Your Own Yogurt

Making your own Yogurt means, you can make it for your own palette, whether plain or adding fresh fruit of your choice.

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Stainless Steel utensils

Ingredients and utensils

  • 1 litre fresh milk of your choice
  • 2 tablespoons of starter live culture Yogurt
  • Saucepan and basis or double boiler (this will prevent milk sticking or catching on bottom)
  • 5 tablespoons powdered milk (to make it creamy)
  • Boiling Water
  • Towel or similar to wrap around the container you use.
  • Wide mouth stainless thermos flask (or Yogurt maker)
  • Glass Jars to store fresh Yogurt in fridge


Heat some boiling water for sterilizing utensils, dry them.

Add water to saucepan for heating

Mix fresh milk in the basin or Yogurt maker with the powdered milk and place into the saucepan. Bring to boiling point.  Watch it does not boil over (depends on how you heat milk)

Remove basin and place on sink to cool (still warm to touch on basin)

Pour a small amount of warm milk into a cup, add starter culture and mix without frothing up. Check for lumps, pour into the rest of milk, and mix well.

Pour this mixture into your thermos or Yogurt maker, seal up.


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Stainless Steel Thermos

Wrap this up in your towel to keep warm and leave undisturbed for six – twelve hours. The time it takes to set will depend on how you keep it warm.

When satisfied with the way it has set, store in sealed glass jars and keep in the refrigerator.

I hope you will enjoy eating your new homemade Yogurt. Remember you can either eat this plain or add fresh strawberries, apricots, mangos or any other types of fruit.

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Enjoy your cereal with fresh home-made yogurt in the mornings