Similar to many other types of insurance out there, health insurance is a method that people use so that they can avoid having to face up to the risk of incurring medical expenses.

1. Insurance may cost you some good money, but without it you'll be spending more

If you want to save the insurance money, avoiding the coverage is not a solution. A major condition you've been facing up lately or simple medical bills can easily poke a hole in your wallet without you being aware of it.

2. If your workplace facilitates insurance, don't give it a second thought!

One of the best deals you can get for yourself is a group coverage. Given the case when it is employer subsidized, then you can never get a better deal than this one! If you are young you might be a little reluctant about it but if you are in your senior years, then go for it!

3. Everyone hates comparisons, but they are vital

If there would be a standard coverage out there, everyone would be just happier. That's why each plan has its own costs and benefits. If you are in a delicate situation then there's no easy way out. You need to compare all of those plans and decide on the best solution for you.

4. The lowest in the bunch is not always the cheapest

What you are paying up front is just not that important compared to what insurance covers you with. If you are still undecided on insurance plans, then you don't have to worry anymore. Getting the cheapest in the bunch is also a good idea and it will surely save you from a lot of hassles in the future.

5. Loopholes

If you had an accident or just need to be hospitalized for any other reason, most health insurances will cover up the cost for it. Though benefits like dental care, mental health and prescription drugs are optional choices which don't come in the standard package.

Most policies cover doctor visits, but benefits for mental health, prescription drugs and dental care are strictly optional.

6. More flexibility=more money

Thus if you want to get a low cost insurance with comprehensive coverage, you will be able to use it only predefined medical providers. If you want more flexibility than that you will have to pay more for it.

7. Losing your job doesn't affect your insurance

With the economical crisis on the go many people are prone to losing their job or have already lost it. You will still be able to keep your insurance, though you will get minimum coverage from it.

8. Insurance in couples

If you and your significant other have to face up to the situation of both getting a health insurance from your workplace, then reflect on it if it's at best to have one or two policies. Kids are also a part of the equation if you have any and thus you'll need to settle on an agreement on who will cover up for them. Just be careful on the decision you will be making for if you make a wrong one then you will be paying money for a type of insurance that won't be what you exactly need and would want to pay for.