Health Insurance For College Students

College students are generally assumed to be broke and/or they have little cash to go around.  But there is an increasing large number of students who are putting themselves through college by working full time in order to defray some of the costs of tuition (that rises every year at the rate of about 9%).  As college becomes more expensive, most students have either taken out more student loans or have taken on full or part-time jobs.  

For those of you who are in college, or know someone who is in college and working - then this article is for you!  There are several items to consider before purchasing a health insurance policy if you're a college student.  For instance, current health care laws allow a child to be insured on their parent's policy until the age of 25.  This is designed to help that particular student have the health insurance they need until they are ready to cut the cord and be independent, and pay their own insurance.  

However, what about those students who come from a low-income family that does not have health insurance?  If this student can get to college on a grant, loan, or combination of both...and this student desires health insurance and willing to work for it....then here are a few options I think he/she should consider when beginning his/her search.

First, consider an insurance broker who can access several policies from different carriers in order to provide you with the most affordable policy possible.  Secondly, check the internet for sites, such as,, and this will also allow you to compare prices from multiple insurers as you decide what policy is best for you.  The younger you are, the better chance you'll have finding a policy that you can afford.

Lastly, if you're looking for life insurance - there's a very excellent site called that, based on your age, will display several different term life policies available for you from different insurers.  This site only requires your age and zip code to generate a quote for you, without you having to be involved with the hassle of an insurance agent hounding you.