Leave Your Comfort Zone

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You can't reach new heights if you stay where you are.  Much of life is about learning and experiencing new things.  A quick fix to change your level in motivation is to have a change of environment.  You may find yourself developing and acquiring new skills you never though possible.  You would be amazed to see how much, and quickly you can adapt to your new environment. 

Try to surround people that challenge you in positive ways to leave your comfort zone.  It may be uncomfortable at first, but it will change you for the better.  The key to overcoming the fear or hesitation of moving to another environment is to think about the worst thing that can happen, than realize that it won't happen.


Be Happy

It's important to do things that bring you happiness.  Try picking up new hobbies to build different interest.

Instead of wasting time watching television, you can do something else to stimulate your mind.  Try  some arts and crafts like knitting, sewing, or painting.  Maybe you have a skill that you haven't used in a long time but enjoyed doing when you were younger.  Now is the time to explore that idea again!  


No one can be happy when they are bored, and the key to not being bored is to stimulate your mind.  Try doing some of these things:

Eat  your favorite breakfast

Have a foreign dinner.

Go ice skating.

Try taking a trip somewhere you've never been before.  You don't need to wait until summer time to go somewhere new.  An example can be something like traveling to another country, visiting a neighboring town, or going to an aquarium.


Dream Big!

A lot of people have doubts about their abilities, and this can be a major motivation killer.  It's ok to not be perfect.  Everyone has goals and dreams, whether they be big or small, and too many people aim low when they think of their goals.  Chances are if you believe you can't do something, you won't do it, and the key to changing this is changing your beliefs.  Dream big but take every step, one step at a time.  Taking things in stride will allow you to achieve little victories, and gradually build up more confidence.

Start thinking more positively about yourself, your abilities, and who you are.

It's funny that people tend to tell children that they can aspire to be anything, and to dream big, but they don't follow their own advise.  It's important to remember that this does not change just because you are an adult.


Self Development

You should always be learning something new.  If you stopped learning, than  you have stopped living.  Education does not end after you have graduated from school; it's the beginning.  You should think of your real education beginning as soon as you leave school.  Learning new things by yourself will help give you more self confidence by providing you with more knowledge  and skills.

Our life experiences help shape who we are as people, and you will find yourself becoming more motivated to do things when you actively engage in learning.  Spend more time to read and participate in activities that will expose you to new adventures.


Finish What You Start 

motivation-advice-tip-finishCredit: jaybeandd on flickr

A lot of people have ideas, but don't act on them, and many people lose motivation because they sense failure.  A lot of people lose motivation because they feel overwhelmed with the different tasks that they have to do.  You are setting yourself up for failure if you continue to engage in a lot of projects and ideas, and not following through with most of them.  When you break down your tasks into smaller steps you can feel things getting a lot easier and you can begin to build up more confidence with all the little victories.

When you begin to make a habit of completing the smaller tasks you will begin to want to take on bigger goals.  One step at a time is the key.


Watch Motivational Speakers

This is a great way to get motivated because it will get you energized through positive words.  After watching some of the most popular motivational speakers through a means like youtube, you'll feel great!  This does not even have to take up much of your time.  You can watch two or three videos when you wake up and before you go to sleep that that you start and end your day well.

The other benefit to this is that you can listen to the speakers while doing other things like exercising, cooking, or folding your clothes after doing laundry.


Read Success Stories

motivation-advice-tip-key-read-booksCredit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

A lot of people gain a new sense of confidence when they see other people who have been in similar situations achieve their "dream" or goals.  People will think to themselves that their dream is possible, and they would think that if someone else can achieve their dream, so can they.

A good exercise would be to read biographies on people so that you can learn about the different obstacles they have faced, and how they overcame them.  Think to yourself, if they can do it...so can you! 

You'd be amazed to find out the amount of people who have shared their stories on how they've achieved their dream.


I hope these suggestions help you get more motivated and influence you to start making actions towards your goals!  Feel free to share some of your suggestions below in the comments section.