Medical tourism, once a novelty that many were scared of, is now a global trend. The amount of evidence in favor of traveling for medical procedures outweighs any negative aspects you might have been told.

Currently, the waiting times for some procedures in Canada are outlandish. In some areas, it can take 52 weeks to simply receive an MRI scan. While the wait time in the U.S. is much shorter, and fees themselves are bordering on unconstitutional.

The absurd costs in the U.S. as well as the long waits for procedures in Canada are two of the main reasons why people travel overseas for medical care. One of the most popular and respected destination for Medical Tourism is India.

Many doctors in India are trained at United States Medical Schools before returning to work in hospitals in their country. This is one of the reasons that the quality of healthcare in India has reached the level of the U.S. Many required, as well as non-elective procedures are conducted in India for 1/10th of the cost of those procedures in the United States. Cosmetic surgeries in India are an even greater value.

There are other benefits of traveling for a medical procedure. Plane tickets, the procedure, as well as hotels in foreign countries during recovery time seem like a lot of fees associated, but the overall cost is less than what the procedure would cost in the U.S. In addition, by booking through some sort of medical travel agency, you will be offered various packages for your trip that will make it even more affordable. Medical visas are relatively easy to obtain, and you can often make a vacation out of it. Spouses often take a couple weeks for their trips and are able to have a relaxing vacation, and an optimal recovery environment.

In addition, the health tourism industry in India and other countries is just another way to make the world a bit smaller. By opening your mind to the various health options overseas and embracing a global mindset, you can potentially save a lot of money, experience a different culture, and expand your worldview, all in one.