There is always a lot of fuzzy stuff flying around in the fitness world. If you go to a grocery store and look at the health and fitness magazines there are titles that promise lean 6-pack abs in 3 weeks. Always remember that they are just trying to sell magazines and advertisements! Real health and fitness comes from following these easy steps below:

Drink Water Only

You do not want to take in calories by flavored and carbonated drinks. Even diet sodas that have zero calories are unhealthy and contain factory made sugars to spike your blood pressure and leave you wanting more. Water is your main source of hydration, another key part to staying healthy and fit.

I have a brita water pitcher that I have to refill from empty to full every single day. While it is more work than just cracking open a soda it is cheaper and healthier. Take away: drink mostly water.

You Are What You Eat

You've probably head this line one hundred times or more in your life because it is true. The things you put into your body determines your health levels and decides whether you live a long and happy life or suffer from heart failure because of poor decision-making.

The basic diet that most people should adhere to includes green vegetables (spinach), lean meats (chicken), slowly dissolving carbohydrates (whole grain bread), and fresh fruit. You don't really need anything else as long as those items are in your diet.

Not A Diet, A Lifestyle

Another important mindset that you need to get into is that this is lifestyle fitness and a diet is only temporary. You probably have lots of friends that have gone on successful diets but look the same they did a year ago because they went back to the same eating habits. Know that true health and fitness comes from a lifelong commitment to excellence and dedication to the right food and active exercise.

Picking The Right Exercises For You

Picking an exercise that you enjoy will be a lot easier for you to perform consistently. The same can be said about if you hate an exercise that you should not do it. Many people I know hate running, and that is perfectly okay as long as they have a long form of exercise to substitute.

There are two main exercises that you need to perform a couple of times every week:

Cardio: Running, jogging, fast walking, bicycling, jump roping, swimming, elliptical machine, etc.

Strength: Lifting weights, push ups, sit ups and crunches, pull ups and chin ups, etc.

I know what you are probably saying about the strength exercises: "I don't want to look like a bodybuilder!" Well, you won't. The best part of weight lifting is once that you find your ideal physique you can maintain that instead of gaining too much muscle.

Setting And Achieving Goals

It helps most people who exercise to have a conscious goal. Some good goals you can set are:

- "Lost 10 pounds over the next 8 weeks"

- "Complete a 5k race scheduled in 4 months"

- "Be able to bench press my bodyweight in 2 months"

Make sure it is a clear and definite goal in the future and realistic. Work hard and you will see the benefits almost immediately.

The Benefits Of Lifelong Health

Happiness self-fulfillment, and a longer life. If those three are enough to want you to change your lifestyle, I recommend you hop off the couch and start taking control of your destiny.