Eucalyptus Bath Oil: The Panacean Potion

Who could have known that the cute Koala bear's favorite food could be the source of one the greatest medicinal products of all time – essential Eucalyptus oil? This versatile vendor of veritable victories against the aches and pains of everyday life is now extremely popular in the western world, especially as bath oil. The efficacy of this extract has quickly gained awareness in modern times, and Eucalyptus bath oil now enjoys a position of envy amongst fashionable lifestyle products. What makes this product so coveted is the fact that the medicinal and cosmetic properties that it offers are almost unparalleled. Just a few drops of this oil in a warm bath can stave off a host of undesirable conditions, and bring on some desirable ones. The vast popularity that this product boasts of definitely warrants a closer look at how it can be of benefit to us.

Extraction Of Eucalyptus Bath Oil

The oil is usually taken from Eucalyptus globus or blue gum, the Tasmanian variety being the most popular. Its medicinal properties have long been known and exploited by the aborigines, among other cultures. China, however, is the largest commercial producer of the oil, which is extracted by a steam distillation process to give an essential oil that may then be blended with other oils to produce bath oils. The process involves three stages: leaf collection, distillation, and refining or purification. A word of caution though - the essential oil thereby produced is extremely potent, and may cause headaches or other unpleasant effects when used too frequently. Typical usage involves dilution, such as in a bath, about once every two weeks or so. However, if any adverse symptoms are observed during or after the first usage, do consult with your physician about possible contraindications before you throw out your favorite rubber duck to make room for it on the shelf.

Properties of Eucalyptus Bath Oil

The extremely effective medicinal properties for which this bath oil is coveted are as varied as you could possibly imagine. It has expectorant and mucolytic properties, making it a formidable foe of common cold and cough symptoms; its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial action help combat body odor; the antiviral and antiseptic properties help prevent disease and infection, and speed up the healing process of open wounds. A few drops of this in your bath is all it takes for you to enjoy its wonderfully soothing properties. Adding it to a basin of warm water to soak your feet allows you to get the benefit of removing foot odor caused by fungus, while at the same time relaxing muscular aches and strains.

Eucalyptus Bath Oil: Availability And Access

Global commercial success of this oil in recent times has driven the price down to an affordable level. Most oils can be had for about 5 to 10 dollars an ounce. There are several brands, including Esoteric Oils, 100% PEO (Pure Essential Oils) and Primavera. Several brands contain ingredients imported from China, Tasmania, Australia and Brazil. You can buy most brands from their respective websites, and have them delivered in a few days to a few weeks. Amazon and eBay are also very resourceful sites to buy all types of bath oils, including Eucalyptus. A lot of manufacturers will offer free samples of other oils along with your order, or free shipping, or additional discounts for bulk purchases. They may also offer money back guarantees for up to 60 days so you can try them out at no risk of monetary loss to you. By now you should be raring to go out and get yourself your very own bottle of eucalyptus bath oil. But before you go, do remember to thank the one who told you about it – adding them to your Christmas card list would be a good idea, if it included a hundred dollar bill as well.