Being glued to your TV, keyboard, tablet or mobile device can have many adverse health impacts. Our posture deteriorates. Our eyes forget to focus on distant objects. We rarely look up to exercise you neck.

Kite flying can be an excellent source of good stimulation and exercise. Here are some health benefits of kite flying.

Improve eyesight
With the constant close focus on our monitors and screens our eyes rarely get to exercise focusing on far off objects. A kite forces our eyes to focus on distant objects. It allows our eyes to scan from left to right and right to left, as the kite swings and sways in the wind. It is believed to be therapeutic to look into the blue sky and at green trees. Blue and green are soothing colors to our eyes. The exercises that doctors prescribe to improve your eyesight are the same exercises that come to us naturally when we fly a kite.

Exercise your neck
How many times do we look up to the ceiling of your home or office or the sky? Rarely, right? Hunching over keyboards, we often get stiff necks and drooping shoulders. A kite will teach us to look up. Have you noticed that when you look up, your shoulders open up? Go ahead do it now, where ever you are, look up. Do you feel your neck muscles stretch and shoulder muscles broaden? Kite flying is such a good activity to exercise our neck muscles.

Relieve Stress
Kite flying is such a simple activity. All we need is a kite, thread and some decent wind. We can fly from our backyard, on a playground or on a beach. You, your kite and nature, isn’t that a wonderful combination. Hear the wind blow, feel your kite sway and swirl in the wind. Look past the tree tops, notice the snowy clouds drifting through the sky. And there you are – you, your kite and nature.

Breathe fresh air
The air that we breathe today is so processed. There are air conditions in the summer, heaters in the winter, air conditioning in our cars. When do we get to breathe the old crisp, fresh natural air? Even those of us who exercise indoors, our intake of fresh air is at an all time low. Being out in the open, breathing in that cool fresh air fills our lungs with the ingredient of life – oxygen.

And it is cheap; we don’t need hundreds of dollars of gadgets or expensive items to entertain ourselves. Go fly a kite…………improve your eyesight, exercise your neck, relieve stress and breathe that draft of fresh air. Happy flying!