Ways to create higher energy levels at work

options for people with low energy levels

Combating low energy levels is a huge park of success at work.  I have been living in the world of competitive sales and business and the only thing I hate more than not winning is losing.  Over the last couple years I have noticed that I can have a day where I have no energy or drive, and days where I feel like I could concur the world.  I started paying attention to what patterns put me on top of my game and what patterns cause me to come home feeling no sense of accomplishment at all.  

It is no secret that eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking your vitamins will help you feel better.  Outside of the obvious I have developed a plan that will actually not only make you more productive but also not interfere with your busy lifestyle.

Vitamins, Fruits, Vegetables and healthy fats.  I don't have time to cook breakfast lunch and dinner for myself, and I don't see my wife getting up at 6 am to whip up a breakfast buffet either.  In order to fulfill your hunger and the nutrition your body needs I suggest you incorporate the smoothy-a-day policy at your house.  When your off to work take literally 2 1/2 minutes to throw in some spinach(yes spinach), carrots, bananna, frozen berries, natural protein, and coconut oil, in a blender and all the sudden you have met your needs and it is actually delicious. Try out a blendtec blender, they are expensive, but worth it to hide nutrition in a delicious drink.

Choose a highly ranked vitamin product and fish oil product and take it daily.  Between the smoothly and vitamins you should be able to fight off the doughnuts and bagels at work, which can slow you down.  If you are going to be away from home for lunch then bring your own to work.  I am not suggesting you miss out on business lunches or meetings over a meal, when that happens order something light and you do not need to eat the entire meal.  This will keep you light and avoid the feeling of needed a nap that you get after eating a large greasy meal.  Not only will you miss out on a few calories but your clients and management don't want an unhealthy representative either.

When you do bring a lunch, what you choose to eat will directly effect your performance.  Wether it's lunch or dinner make sure you are eating a light protein( fish, chicken, etc...), a helping of vegetables, and some good carbs or starches(brown rice, sweet potato, etc...).  As much as possible stay away from procesed foods, sugars and fats.  This is not only a good way to lose a couple pounds so you are presentable and healthy looking, which, no matter what we would like to think is important for success, but also will keep you energetic the entire day.

If you are someone that enjoys their coffee or energy drink try and at least move your habit back a couple hours.  If you drink your coffee too early you will have a risk of crashing a little later in the day.  By moving it back a few hours at least your crash will be around the time you head home.  When you are eating right and following these guidelines it will be easy to ween off of the caffeine slowly until you can break the habit, because your body will be full of healthy energy and your cravings will be lessened.  

Ok, now that you are eating right, here are a couple more helpful practices that will fill your life with a little more enjoyment and keep you energized.  If you are into working out in the morning before work then continue on that path, if not you can replace that with a little movement in the evening.  I am married and enjoy spending time with my wife, so I don't want to leave her every day for an additional two hours outside of work while I'm lifting weights.  So, every night we will go play tennis, go on a jog, or play frisbee.  This alone won't get you the cover of GQ magazine, but it is fun and easy.  I gaurantee you will notice a significantly higher productivity level just by getting out every single day and running around.  

My last tip for a positive and productive day is mental health.  Create a personal moto for you work day that you can repeat out loud to your self while driving to work or while your getting ready for your day. I work in sales and right now mine is " I will meet great people who make quick and easy decisions, who a ready willing and able to make a positive change in their families lives. I will say what I mean, mean what I say.  I will succeed, failure is not an option." It seems kind of crazy but it will put you in the right state of mind and keep you focussed on what's important for the next 6-8 hours of your life, which is being your best at what you do.  One hint with this is to keep your window rolled up in your car while talking to yourself, I have embarrassed myself on more then one occasion.  

Take some time to write down a plan for the choices you make daily basis that will help you be the best you can be at what you do.  Please take note of the changes you experience and comment on this article with any suggested practices or advice.

Go make some money!