The importance of healthy eating and exercise has increased dramatically in the last few years; probably because it has been scientifically proven that the combination of these two powerful tools will not only increase the number of years you live but also the quality of your life; many people don’t imagine living until they are 100 years old just with the thought of mental health issues and a fragile body; however, living a healthy life with good sleeping patters, fruit, vegetables and regular exercise and of course, good genes will guarantee a longer and healthier life.


How to Lose Weight, Diet and Exercise

Nowadays we know that some cooking methods are less healthier than others and as a consequence less suitable for our health; however, there are many secrets that will improve your cooking and at the same time prevent diseases – Healthy cooking has come to stay and will be one of your best allies in the search of longevity; it is important to keep all the vitamins and nutrients in the food you cook; some vegetables for example will lose more than 80% of their nutrients when boiled while others will benefit by releasing more antioxidants, the perfect example is the carrot.

What is Healthy Cooking?

It is preparing food in a healthy way, minimizing the risks to your health caused by the traditional cooking methods. It sounds simple but many people are set in the ways and trying a different product or way or cooking is not in their mindset; if this is you case; we would still recommend you to avoid saturated fats, cholesterol and products packed with salt and sugar; this will decrease the chances of developing hypertension, obesity and some types of cancers. If time is a limited factor try to include at least one smoothie a diet into your diet; finding the best personal blender shouldn’t be a problem; there are hundred on Amazon with excellent reviews.


Benefits of Steaming your Food

Best SteamerCredit: Amazon

Steaming your vegetables instead of the traditional boiling method is the simple and best thing you can ever do to improve the quality of your cooking; steaming will help to retain all the nutrients in your vegetables; normally vitamins and antioxidants are destroyed by prolonged exposure to heat and boiling serves as the perfect getaway for the nutrients to leach away. Swap boiling for steaming should be your first step; even if you busy during the day this is the healthy tip for busy people. One of the best ones you can find on Amazon is the Oster Electronic Quart Food Steamer– it has a customer review of 4.3 out of 5 stars and it is one of very few products that does exactly what they promise they will do.


Benefits of Grilling your Food

Best Health GrillAlthough fried food taste delicious, it is in fact our health enemy number one; if you are trying to lose weight or build the perfect body by going to the gym; then you must swap frying for grilling; this will not only help to reduce the consumption of saturated fat but will increase the intake of Vitamin B into your diet. A health grill is the easy and healthy way to cook your proteins and vegetables plus it will definitely taste better and your body will thank you for this change. The best health grill on Amazon is the West Bend Heart Smart Indoor Grill – it has a customer review of 4.3 out of 5 stars and it will look fantastic on your kitchen.