While most of us love eating deep fried food, deep frying is one of the most unhealthiest ways to cook. When you are deep frying you’re allowing your food to absorb more oil, which is loaded in saturated fats and sometimes cholesterol.

One way to help make deep frying healthier is to change the type of fryer you use. These days you can actually find plenty of alternative deep fryers that can cut the amount of fat absorbed by more than 50%.

Here is a Review of the Healthiest Deep Fryers

Tefal ActiFry

Tefal ActiFry FZ7000Credit: TefalThe TEFAL ActiFry fries food using hot air with minimal oil, it claims to make crisp, crunchy fried chips with less calories and fat.

When cooking a kilo of potato you only require 1 tablespoon of oil. The chips take longer to fry than a conventional deep fryer, approximately 45 minutes. The results of the chips being cooked with the Tefal ActiFry FZ7000 ended up with crisp golden chips with a soft fluffy centre. The chips are not greasy like you would find when using a regular deep fryer. The chips do however, taste more oven baked rather than deep fried.

The ActiFry’s has soft-touch easy to use controls that are clearly labelled and easy to understand. It also has a digital timer, so you can time how long it takes for the food to cook. All the cooking parts are easy to wash and is dishwasher safe. The TEFAL ActiFry is healthier alternative to a deep fryer and is worth investing in, if you want a healthier way to deep fry food.

George Foreman Deep Fryer with Smart Spin Technology

George Foreman Deep Fryer with Smart Spin TechnologyCredit: AmazonThe George Foreman Deep Fryer helps reduce fat when deep frying by using Smart Spin Technology. The Smart Spin Technology is a unique spinning system that rotates your food while you deep fry. By doing this, it will remove up to 55% of absorbed oil during the cooking process. This makes it a healthier way to deep fry whilst still retaining the great taste. It is quicker to deep fry with the George Foreman deep fryer than the TEFAL ActiFry, however the TEFAL ActiFry is a healthier deep fryer than the George Foreman deep fryer.

The George Foreman deep fryer’s cooking parts are all easy to remove, dishwasher safe and requires little maintenance.

Philips Viva Collection Airfryer

The Philips AirfryerCredit: PhilipsThe Philips Airfryer works similar to the Tefal ActiFry, it fries food using a combination of hot air circulation and a grill element, all the while using minimal oil. Like the Actifry you only require to use a tablespoon of oil when cooking chips and takes roughly 45 minutes to cook. When comparing the chips cooked by the Philips Airfryer to the chips cooked by the Tefal ActiFry, it was noticeable that the Philips Airfryer chips were not cooked as evenly. Unlike the Tefal ActiFry, the Philips Airfryer cooked some of the chips crispy golden brown and some still remained soft and soggy. The Philips Airfryer does, however, cook larger food such as chicken perfectly and is still a healthy alternative to using a deep fryer.

The Philips Airfryer has easy to use controls and an easy to set timer. All cooking parts are also dishwaher safe.