The golden arches

The fast food joint of McDonalds is a place many people attribute to junk food and getting fat, however over the years McDonalds has introduced a sweeping campaign of healthy choices for the guest to enjoy. One of their big changes is the introduction of healthier food choices such as apple slices in substitution of french fries, side salads, and better ingredients to all of their products. Another change is displaying all of their calorie content in each food item, and even has an attractive new "Under 400" campaign that advertises low calorie options for those that are health conscious. McDonalds is no longer just a fatty fast food joint, it's actually a great place to get wholesome food at a low cost! Let's explore some of the best options you have at your disposal when you choose McDonalds. All nutritional facts were taken directly from the official McDonalds website.

Grilled Chicken

McDonalds Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This is the number one chicken sandwich McDonalds has to offer for total value. For one, it tastes great and is very enjoyable to eat with the seasonings the chicken is cooked with. Another is it's only 350 calories and packs a huge 28 grams of protein! This is the sandwich of choice at McDonalds for all you athletes and bodybuilders looking to get a delicious and healthy sandwich while loading up on the protein you need. The Filet-O-Fish sandwich is a close second for taste and protein content, but this sandwich is the best choice you have for the price you have to pay.

Caesar Salad

McDonalds Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

McDonalds has really improved on their salads since they first introduced them, and this masterpiece really packs on nutrition while remaining low in calories. It is only 190 calories and piles on a generous portion of veggies and 27 grams of protein! The vitamin A alone is labeled at 160% of the daily value you should get. Super healthy, low in carbs and calories, and has some really great nutrition for a wonderful meal.

Ranch Snack Wrap

McDonalds Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap

This is great for people looking for a quick snack and don't want to sink their teeth into a huge sandwich or dive into a salad. While calories are a little high for the amount of food you get, it still rates in at only 270 calories and tastes fantastic for the package it comes in. The ranch sauce is really well made, the chicken is of premium quality, the lettuce and cheese add a nice filler in the wrap, and all of this is wrapped up in a flour tortilla. One of the best choices you can get for a quick grab and go snack.

Apple Pie of amazingness

McDonalds Apple Pie

Ok so you want dessert, but at the same time you are health conscious and don't want to waste your hard earned effort of eating healthy to indulge on an 860 calorie Mcflurry with M&M's. This is the solution to that dillema. McDonalds apple pies are still super delicious and are the lowest calorie dessert item you can come across. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it only offered 170mg of sodium which isn't too bad; I honestly thought it would have been more. Still you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious apple pie and not feel guilty afterwards.

The choices...they are endless!

While the list of healthy foods McDonalds has to offer is quite extensive, this article simply points out a few of the best choices offered on their menu. Suffice to say that if you check out their website or take a visit into one of their locations you will be presented with new and attractive healthy choices for your viewing and eating pleasure. I think what they have done with this new campaign is really amazing and I believe that they are destroying the stereotype that McDonalds is the worst type of junk food you can eat. With new options and calorie labels on all their food, McDonalds is really taking a big step forward in helping Americans make healthier choices while still offering their great food at low prices.