Anyone receiving devastating news from their physician that they have cancer, their thoughts, their contemplation, their world as they know of it, is really beyond comprehension to those of us who have not experienced having cancer.  I’ve often wondered, why, with our technology so advanced, the latest information that our physicians are learning, can’t we find a cure for cancer – all forms of cancer?  I am sure many have wondered the same thing.

One day, I happened to read a small article, tucked away in pages of mountainous information, and my jaw dropped.  This was in the early nineties.  In our times one has to be cautious when learning about something that most of us have never heard about, or even been proven to be a scientific fact. 

In South America, there is a plant called by the Brazilians, the Graviola tree and it grows in the deep rainforest jungles along the Amazon.  For centuries, medicine men and women of that region of the world use various parts of the tree, i.e. leaves, bark, roots, fruit, and its seeds to treat asthma, liver problems, arthritis and heart disease.  The Tree is also known as Soursop, which is an English name for Graviola.  I am going to refer to this tree as the Graviola since it was first used by the Brazilians.  Also, when the Graviola tree is referred to, all of the parts are used in research, extracts, juices, etc. 

The tree looks just like any other tree in that region and one would never know of its powers that some are calling it a natural chemo tree.  The fruit has a flavor that is described as tasting like a combination of strawberry and pineapple.

           graviola leavesfruit(131910)       mature        Graviola leaves                               Graviola fruit                             Mature Graviola fruit

In reading what scientist  have learned of this plant, I can’t help but wonder, if the plant has such natural healing powers that they claim it has, why doesn’t the world know about it, I mean, really!  Through dozens of in vitro tests, this fruit has the ability to kill malignant cells of 12 different types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancer.  Further lab research reveals that the enzymes from this fruit is 10,000 times more powerful in killing off colon cancer cells that that of Adriamycin (Doxorubicin), a commonly used chemo drug.  The effects of Graviola, unlike chemo, can kill cancer cells without damaging health cells. 

In the materials I have read, I find it really interesting what Universities, and who is currently, or has conducted research on the effect of the Graviola.  First, the University of Perdue conducted extensive research on compounds that are naturally produced by the Graviola tree.  These compounds are referred to as Annonaceous acetogenins.  Results of multiple studies have confirmed that these compounds have anytitumorous properties.  The human immune system cannot help but gain greater immunity from various types of cancer cells when consuming extracts from the Graviola. 

This information is not new.  It’s been around since the 1940s.  The more I think about this, the more I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies are not the ones who is purposefully preventing anyone from producing a serum, a pill that would reverse the ills that people are today suffering.

If we do indeed have something that is this powerful in that it can rid the number one killer of this world why in God’s name isn’t mankind doing something about it? 

I asked my Doctor, who is my internist, about this Graviola plant some time ago and he was rather guarded with his answers.  I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with the question.  I laughed and reminded him that he was one of the biggest distributorship of the drink, MonaVie Acai, and that the juice was also advertising that the drink that has the ability to deliver a wide array of antioxidants, vitamins, and what have you.  He merely grinned, then commented, It’s all about money. 

With advance greenhouses equipped with hydroponics, the Graviola plant can grow here in the U.S., but it has to grow under a controlled temperature environment much like that of the Amazon jungle that has warmth, humidity, and lots of water.  To give you an idea where, the Graviola tree is only hardy in the southern tip of Florida and Hawaii.  The tree can grow as high as 30 feet.  The seeds are hard and you want to harvest the fruit when it is fully grown, firm and yellow-green in color.  You can eat it raw, or make many other fruit dishes.  There are plenty of recommendations on the internet as to how you go about making the fruits.  By the way, if Green Tea is good for you, and it is, then Graviola Tea has to be the crowning glory to heal you of all your ills.



                Graviola Seed                             Sliced Graviola Seed               Graviola Fruit Opening

 A few examples of what you can do with the Graviola tree. 

  • Seeds:  Antiparasitic (natural remedy for lice)
  • Bark: Lowers fever when used as a tea
  • Leaves: Speeds up the healing process of wounds, and serves as a sedative
  • Unripe Graviola Fruit: Aids the digestive tract 

I suspect the hush-hush that is going on in the United States about the usage of this plant, and that the powers to be are not really doing anything about it, i.e. pursuing the claims of its miraculous healing powers, etc, we can, on the other hand, do one thing and that is to promote the usage and growing of this plant so that someday the world can be benefited by the Graviola tree.



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