Looking for snacks for kids that will make the little ones as happy as cupcakes but without the guilt? There are a lot of options, so let's start out simple.

Fruit is a really healthy snack that can be so much fun to experiment with. If your child has a favorite fruit, try mixing it up…serve that fruit in several different ways.

Apples, for instance, are incredibly good paired with cheddar cheese (probably best that it's mild for the kids). They're also fun cubed and dipped in a little bit of plain yogurt mixed with honey. Or core the apple and cut it in rings, sprinkle with cinnamon, and bake for a few minutes to make your own dried fruit.

For a snack that will really send the kids through the roof, slice up some bananas and stack them on top of the chocolate cookie-type things in those packets that have a hundred calories. Chocolate isn't a great option for every day, but once a week or so, it makes a wonderful treat as snacks for kids!

In the chocolate vein, try chocolate milk! Many people find chocolate milk to be much more filling than regular milk, and it tastes so good. As with any sweet, if it isn't offered as a daily thing, chocolate makes kids feel very special when it's served.

If you're willing to put a little more effort into your kids' afternoon snacks, try putting a frozen pizza in the oven and then slicing it into bite sized pieces or even strips. Pair it with some dips like ranch dressing or bleu cheese, and yum!

Even better, grab a pizza crust from the dairy section (by the canned biscuits) and cover it in vegetables and low fat cheese. Cut this into strips after baking, and you have a wonderfully healthful snack to dip in spaghetti sauce or low fat ranch dressing.

Due to odd lunch times, some elementary schools require snacks for kids during the day. If you have to send snacks into school for your child, try reusable containers with crackers and fruit, low-fat deli meat, or some of those leftover pizza strips.