Have a better metabolism


What is a metabolism? The dictionary defines metabolism as:

"the chemical process that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life".

That sounds pretty important to me!

People think of metabolism as the part of your body that controls your food breakdown.  You might have said something like, "That guy has a fast metabolism!", meaning tat the guy was able to break down his food quickly.  Other things that a person's metabolism is in charge of are your body's breathing, circulation, and digestive track. 

This popular fruit can help your body and health, because they aid your body's metabolism.

They aid your metabolism because they have certain attributes that help you burn calories, and have less cravings for sugar.  This is a good thing if your looking for something you can eat and are concerned with your weight.

Many people tend to have unhealthy eating habits, such as: eating too much at one time, and eating food with harmful ingredients.

A common action is that people also tend to eat before they are going to sleep.  There are different reasons you may want to have a meal at midnight, but it wouldn't be a good decision for your stomach at that time.  A good snack to have would be to have an apple with some yogurt and a refreshing glass of water.  It's both a snack that will full you up and help your body.

There are many kinds of snacks you can create by using apples so experiment and try it out for yourself.


Have a healthy heart

Apples can help your body with its flow of blood throughout the body.  The heart is constantly pumping blood throughout the body and apples help with its flow by decreasing the buildup of cholesterol in the body.  Certain foods can build up plaque, which can then attach to the blood, weighing down its movement.  The chemical properties in apples help remove this plaque buildup, allowing the blood in within the body to move freer and faster.  A healthy blood flow can provide many benefits.

 "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

apple-health-benefit-foodCredit: Wolfgang Lonien on flickr


Weight loss

Have you ever wondered what you could eat to help you lose weight?  Apples are good substitutes for your average snack of candy, soda, and chips.  They contain vitamins and minerals, and are enriched with fiber.  A major vitamin that is within apples is vitamin c.  Vitamin c is the vitamin our body uses to form and maintain bones, blood vessels, and our skin and is very vital to maintaining good health.

The properties of apples can help your body feel full, even though you have not eaten much.  You'd be surprised how full your stomach will be after drinking a tall glass of water and eating just one apple.  Many of today's food have ingredients in them that make them taste good, but don't satisfy your hunger.  With apples you can have the best of both worlds.


Nutritious and delicious

There is a popular saying or proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

This proverb relates to the nutritious attributes of an apple.  Although sugar can be found within the juice of an apple, they are not high in sodium or fat.

The skin of an apple has many minerals as well and is an important part, so don't forget to eat it!  Many people tend to shave off the skin of fruits, but in doing so they could be missing out on one of the best parts.  The skin of an apple contains the vitamins A and C.  They also have fiber and antioxidants, which will help to rid your body of toxins.


apple-healthy-foodCredit: Wolfgang Lonien on flickr

Have whiter teeth

Their mildly acidic juices may not be the best thing to drink if you want your teeth to become whiter, but the fruit itself will help to strengthen your bones.  Eating an apple is no substitute for brushing your teeth, but they do posses natural whitening properties.


There are a wide selection of apples available in most grocery stores, so take your pick and have fun trying out the different flavors.