Recipe 3: Carrot Beef Stew

Carrot Beef StewCarrot Beef Stew 2

Carrot Beef Stew is very economic but

delicious, so it is ofen served in family meal

1. Clean the beef with water,

2. Cuts beef meat into small pieces,

3. Boil the beef to remove residual blood contained in the meat;

4. Clean carrots with water, peel them and cut them into pieces

5. Mix beef and carrot pieces into the pot, and cook them with the large fire untill they are totally boiled,

6. Add in seasoning and continue stewing with medium level fire,

7. Once beef meat turns soft, they are ready to serve.

Description of Carrot in Chinese medicine

Health Efficacy: Reduce mercury concentration within human body

Chinese medicine believes carrot is a very effective detoxification food. Its ingredient tends to bind with mercury ion within human body, thus effectively reduces the concentration of mercury ions and accelerate mercury discharge from the human body. Carrot contains amber potassium, which helps prevent arteries hardening and lower cholesterol. Carotene contained in carrots can remove lead particles, while vitamins B and vitamin C and other nutrients in carrot has skin moisturizing, anti-aging effect. carrots help woman reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.

Recipe 4: Garlic Chicken Soup

1. Boil vegetable oil in oil pan,

2. Add in tomatoes, garlic and stir several times,

3. Add in chicken soup, salt and pepper

4. Stew with small level fire for 4-5 minutes,

5. Add eggs drop into the soup, and stew for another 3-5 minutes.

6. Ready to serve

Description of Garlic in Chinese Medicine

Health Efficacy: Reduce the concentration of lead within human body

Garlic contains capsaicin, which possess a disinfection capability at one tenth of what penicillin possess. Thus garlic can prevent influenza and wound infection. It also help the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Garlic smell dispel bugs and insects. Garlic contains allicin, which bind with lead within the human body into non-toxic particles. This effectively prevent lead poisoning. Garlic can prevent coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and thrombus formation. Garlic can also enhance liver detoxification capability, blocking the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens.