It’s hard to eat healthy in college.  Healthy snacks are expensive and college students are always looking to save money and to save money on groceries.  College students are also pressed for time and don’t have a lot of time to spend grocery shopping. College students either live in dorm rooms or apartments with small kitchens and so they don’t have a lot of space to store fresh food.  But at the same time, everyone wants to look great in college without gaining the freshman 15. So eating healthy snacks that are convenient and cheap is a must!

Healthy College Snacks

  • stretch island fruit leatherStretch Island Fruit Leather-:My favorite healthy snack. Stretch Island fruit leather is like a fruit roll-up but made of fruit purée. Each strip is 45 calories and a half a serving of fruit each. I love these because you can throw a couple in your back pack or purse, and you don't have to feel guilty about this indulgence because they are so few calories. Stretch Island fruit leather is hard to find, but Amazon always seems to have it for a decent price. 
  • Grapes
  • Oranges: Oranges are great because you can bring them with you anywhere and peel them when you are ready to snack.
  • Pistachios and Dried Cranberries mixed together -Pistachios and dried cranberries go great together, and are a healthy snack you can eat on the run.
  • Jamba trail mix healthy snack packs
  • Banana: Bananas are the ultimate convenient fruit healthy snack. Grab one when options are low (like in a convenience store). If you eat them before they ripen they have a lower amount of sugar. They are also a better choice for breakfast than a fast food breakfast sandwich or bagel with fattening cream cheese.
  • Banana with peanut butter
  • Carrots and celery with low-fat yogurt dip
  • String cheese, sliced cheese or cheese cubes
  • Yogurt: I love Chobani greek yogurt. It has less sugar and tastes great.
  • Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit and Veggie Pouches: Sure toddlers eat these pure fruit pouches,healthy fruit pouch snacks but they are good and are 100% fruit and vegetables with no added sugar. And there are only 50-90 calories a pack. Convenient, healthy, natural and low-calorie.
  • Apple slices
  • Apple slices with cheese
  • Cheese slices with peanuts
  • Plums
  • Almonds
  • Cherries
  • White cherries
  • Microwaveable Popcorn: Light butter microwaveable popcorn can be a great late-night healthy snack. 
  • Weight Watchers frozen fruit smoothie pops: These smoothie popsicles are delicious and 40-60 calories each.
  • Laughing cow low-fat cheese with vegetables or crackers
  • Frozen cherries or grapes: Frozen fruit is great for dessert also!
  • peeled healthy snack
  • Peeled Dried Fruit Snacks: Peeled dried fruit snacks have been mentioned by Oprah and Rachel Ray as favorite healthy snacks.  They have no added sugar. 
  • Edamame: You can buy shelled Steamfresh edamame in the freezer section of the grocery store.  You pop a bag in the microwave for a minute and have a great healthy snack.

I hope some of these college healthy snack ideas work for you. What other healthy snacks do you eat ?

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