Frankly speaking, the word diet gives a vision of urgency to follow a pre-set regimen of foods, which involves lot of control and discipline. While following a diet might work for some time, it is certainly not easy to follow over a longer period.

The emphasis these days is therefore shifting to what we call as healthy eating that, unlike any diet involves not denying yourself anything and yet being able to get the benefits of a diet. Healthy eating therefore is certainly a better way of managing weight and remaining healthy.

Advantages of Healthy Eating

By following the right way of healthy eating one can get all the benefits of diet and maintain good health without the fear of having to refrain from certain types of foods. Although it does involve a slight amount of control, unlike a diet plan, it is certainly much better than denying yourself the luxury of some of your favorite foods.

Ingredients of Healthy Eating

The basic ingredient of healthy eating is to eat in moderation, especially those foods that are considered harmful to the body. It combines the benefits of diet and does not curb any desires.

Healthy eating involves increased intake of carbohydrates and proteins as compared to fats. Generally a ratio of 50:25:25 is considered to be a workable which anyone can follow without denying themselves of any favorite foods, as they have to do when they follow a diet.

Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy eating is preferable as compared to a diet as it does not deprive the body of any form of nourishment. Certain points about healthy eating to keep in mind:

  • A healthy eating plan should include high intake of carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables have more fiber content and are a good source of vitamins. Having a diet that includes fruits gives a sense of fullness and therefore prevents overeating.
  • The protein intake should be in the form of plant sources like beans, tofu, milk, etc. the diet can also include a small amount of lean meat or fish.
  • The fat content should be the least and should be restricted to a good source of fat like nuts and olive oil. Have a diet that has less of animal fat is advisable.
  • Healthy eating involves a diet of having small portions of four or five meals in a day instead of the large portions of two to three meals.
  • Consumption of sugar should be kept to the minimum since it can lead to lot of health problems. Besides that, it also has a substance called 'cortisol' that speeds up the ageing process. If you have a craving for sugar or something sweet, confine yourself to having fruits or dates, instead of a diet of junk foods containing sugar.

Observing moderation is the key to healthy eating. Healthy eating is thus unlike any form of diet regimen and yet gives all the benefits. The choice of foods is left to the individuals as long as they fit into this diet plan.