Computers, television, smartphones or bad diet. Nowadays, our eyes are especially endangered. The result is often bad eyesight and even worse, some eye diseases. Therefore in order to avoid those bad consequences, it is so important to protect your eyes and help them to stay in good condition. In this article I will discuss some methods that can help your eyes being healthy.


Why Diet Is So Important

In order to stay in good health, our eyes need a lot of substances which are essential for them. The best way to supply those substances is to choose an appropriate diet. Probably the most important element for eyes is the lutein. This substance is naturally concentrated in human’s eyes and protects them from being damaged by free radicals. Very good sources of lutein are foods such as kale, spinach, broccoli, corn, cooked collards and turnip greens. Another key substance protecting from antioxidants is zeaxanthin. Foods especially rich in this element are oranges, green vegetables, nectarines, blackberries or avocados.

Amongst vitamins, one of the most important for eye health is vitamin A. It can be found mostly in carrot, cooked sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, apricots or melons. Other vitamin good for your eyes is vitamin C. Amongst foods which contain most of this vitamin are peppers, guavas, kale, kiwi, broccoli and citrus fruits. The last precious vitamin for the eyes is vitamin E which appear in tofu, cooked spinach, different nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

To maintain your eyes in good health, it is also important to avoid the foods that are harmful for them. Generally speaking you should avoid fatty foods, foods rich in sodium and white sugar.


Don't Forget About Exercise

It is proven, that everyday physical activity helps protecting eyes from damages caused by aging. But there is also other type of activity that your eyes will need in order to stay healthy. For example, if you work in front of computer screen, it is important to look away from time to time. After every 30 minutes of work you should take look at something located in the distance, ex. buildings or trees outside the window (if it’s green, that’s even better!).

Protect Your Eyes From Sunlight

You must avoid exposing your eyes to a straight sunlight. That is important, because extensive sunbeams are the cause of many serious diseases such as eyelid cancers, macular degeneration, cataracts and many others. You can protect them just by wearing sunglasses in sunny days all year long. You should also beware glares on reflecting surfaces such as your computer screen or your glasses.


You Should Definitely Say No To The Cigarettes

Everyone realizes that smoking is deadly for every being on this planet. I won’t surprise you if I say, that it kills your eyes too. As the researches prove, substances present in tobacco smoke are significantly increasing the risk of developing cataracts, which is one of significant causes of blindness. Another eyes disease which smoking may cause is macular degeneration which can also lead to a blindness. Those two are only one of much more examples. Also if you want your maintain healthy eyes, you should quit smoking or just never start it.

Other Issues

To increase the prevention, it is also important to have regular medical check-ups of your eyes. As a specialist can detect some symptoms of disease in early phase, there is high chance for it to be treated. Maintaining a good weight can be helpful too. If you eyes are getting dry, try to blink more. Don’t forget to have a good portion of sleep every day, so you can let your eyes rest and regenerate.