If you're like most people in this country then you eat fast food more than once a week. This is a surprising fact for some people, but seems like a bit of an understatement for others. The reality of the situation is that the Western world consumes fast food several times a week on average. It is no surprise that this is dangerous to your health, but many people choose to do it anyway. Luckily you do not always have to eat something that is going to make you gain weight. Today were going to take a look at a few healthy fast food options that will keep you from putting on the pounds.

 Common Sense

The first thing to say is that you should really use common sense when choosing your food. If something sounds like it is bad for you, then it probably is! By law these restaurants are required to carry their nutritional information with them so don't be afraid to ask for a pamphlet before you order. It could save you from consuming several unnecessary grams of fat and calories.


The most obvious healthy fast food choice is the salads. Almost every major restaurant will have its own variety of salads including Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Arby’s. It is really important to choose a salad that is not as equally fatty as a burger. Many of the salads will have fried meats and lots of salad dressing. This can equate to several grams of fat, and a lot of empty calories. Try and choose a salad that is composed mostly of vegetables, and stay away from large portions of dressing. You can always ask them to prepare the salad without a certain item if necessary. Again, refer to their nutritional guide so you can see exactly what is in these salads. Sometimes they are not as healthy as advertised.


Another major step you can take the eating healthy on the go is choosing grilled chicken. Grilled chicken will have much less fat and calories than fried and breaded chicken. Many restaurants will give you the option between fried or grilled chicken, in their salads and sandwiches. Even if you are a chicken person, choosing chicken over a burger can go a long way. If you can choose some grilled chicken and take it easy on the cheese, then you should be able to get a meal that is somewhat healthy for you.

So those are couple ideas of how you can eat healthy fast food. It is not always the easiest choice to make, but by doing so you can really avoid putting on extra pounds. Remember that most people won't do this, so even if you have to eat out make some intelligent decisions. Otherwise it is probably best to avoid these fast food restaurants altogether.