Hair loss is a leading problem for both men and women. Several factors such as your genes, lifestyle and environment can bring forth this dilemma. But, did you know that there are foods that can promote hair growth? You probably know this by now since “eating a healthy diet”  has always been advocated by most health experts and practitioners. So, what is the purpose of this article? Basically, if you want your tresses to grow thick and strong, you have to know which foods can give you that benefit. By including these foods in your daily meals, you are making sure that you get all necessary nutrients for your tresses grow strong and healthy. With that being said, here is a list of highly recommended foods that can help resolve your hair loss problems. 

Sea food

Fresh Seafoods
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Salmon, tuna, oyster and other seafood products can boost hair growth not only because of their protein contents but the vitamins and minerals as well. As you know, proteins are essential because they are the building blocks of hair. Furthermore, they also strengthen your hair stands. Hence, any protein rich foods are highly beneficial for hair growth. Omega-3 found in various fish products is also essential for a healthy scalp. Zinc is also considered as an important mineral for hair growth. However, most health experts attest that excessive amounts of this mineral may cause hair loss. Hence, it is advisable that one should not take zinc supplements if they’re trying to grow their hair. Eating seafood products on a regular basis would suffice.

Poultry and dairy products

Fresh Meat
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Another group of foods that promote hair growth that are rich in proteins are poultry and dairy products. Keep in mind that unlike other sources of protein, meat specifically chicken and turkey can give you excellent quality protein. Why is this significant? Basically, low-quality proteins cannot give you optimal health benefits. This is probably one reason why you still experience hair loss problems even though you are eating a high protein diet every day.

Dairy products are not only protein rich products. They are also loaded with essential nutrients. Milk and cheese are a good source of calcium. Eggs, on the other hand are rich in vitamin B-12 and biotin. All these nutrients are vital for hair growth especially biotin.

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Grains, legumes and nuts

Green Peas
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What if you’re a vegetarian? For people having hair problems but cannot eat meat, it is highly recommended to include grains, legumes and nuts in your diet regimen. This is because beans and grains are high in vitamin B, iron, zinc and biotin aside from its protein content.  Although, iron does not boost hair growth, it aids in the proper circulation of blood. Hence, nutrients will efficiently circulate inside your body. As for nuts, these products are rich in omega-3 and zinc which as mentioned earlier, play a crucial role in hair growth. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Of course, this list of foods that promote hair growth is incomplete without the different fruits and vegetables in it. As you know, these food products are rich in vitamins and minerals. However, the most important nutrients for your hair are vitamin A, B, C and E. Among the few highly recommended fruits and vegetables are broccoli, spinach, carrots, peaches and other citrus fruits.

With that, always remember that optimal health is best achieved with proper nutrition.  Hence, opting for these foods that promote hair growth is definitely a great place to start if you want to solve your hair loss problems. You may not know it but maybe all you need are some essential nutrients for your hair to grow thick and strong.