We are always trying to teach our pet something.  If we have a dog, we want to teach them commands like sit, stay, fetch, lay down, roll over, etc.  If we have a dog we may want to teach them how to drink out of the kitchen faucet.  Any way we look at it, we are always trying to do something so our pet will learn from us.  The truth is, there are many things we can learn from our pets as well.


Relax   Relax(134151)Credit: Morgue File

You may feel that every time you look over at your pet they are napping or at least relaxing next to you.  This is something that we can learn from our pets.  It is healthy to nap and relax and we should probably be doing it more often than we are.  We are too caught up in our work and busy lives that we don’t give ourselves enough time to relax.


Take a Walk  take a walk(134152)Credit: Morgue File

You probably notice that your dog wants to go for a walk all of the time.  This is a healthy habit that we can learn from our pets.  It is a great idea to make both you and your dog happy and go out for a daily walk.  We can help maintain a healthy weight while we take advantage of this healthy habit.


Indulge in Water   Indulge in waterCredit: Morgue File

Pets don’t drink soda or unhealthy treats when they want something to eat or drink.  Their first thought is usually to get some water.  Drink more water than you do now.  This is a healthy habit that we should be learning from our pets.  Drinking water is so much healthier than any sugary drinks.


Read Body Language read body languageCredit: Morgue File

When a dog doesn’t want to play, the other dog knows it by his growl or his stance.  When one dog doesn’t listen the other may snap at them to let them know that they mean business.  Now, I am not saying that you should go out and say mean things to the person who is irritating you, but it is a good habit to read body language of another person before you say the wrong thing.  Look at their eyes, the way they are standing and if they are showing any signs of fidgeting.  


Learn to Forgive forgive(134156)Credit: Morgue File

How many times have you accidentally stepped on your pet’s paw or tail because they were under your feet?  How about the time you have scolded them for no reason?  I could list a lot of reasons why your pet could be mad at you.  The truth is, animals forgive so quickly and this is a healthy habit we can learn from our pets.  If someone does something that we do not like, forgive them and move on with your life.


Have Fun    Have fun(134158)Credit: Morgue File

You see your dog out there playing with his tennis ball you just threw to him.  He has not a care in the world when he is out there playing in the yard.  It is important that you do the same.  Researchers have found that those who are too involved in work and do not have enough play time are prone to more stress.  Get off of your computer and enjoy yourself every once in a while.  Whether it is an outing to a baseball game with your friends and family or going out to eat, you deserve to have some fun.


Be Funny   Be FunnyCredit: Morgue File

When your dog chases after its tail or your cat chases after a laser pointer light, they aren’t intending to be funny, but they sure can be comical.  It is important for us to laugh and be funny every once in a while.  Life is too short to be serious.