Helping Your Children Exercise Good Food Choices

 Have you decided to improve your diet, lose weight and eat better ?Have you been able to improve your own health but have yet to convince your kids that eating healthy is important to their growth and development ? Are you at a loss for ideas to get your kids to eat healthy foods ? Are you tired of having to make two different meals at dinner time or eat the salad while the kids munch pizza ?   Are you tired of battling with your children's impulsive wants for sweets at the grocery store ? Are you tired of bringing groceries home only to hear complaint ?

 You are not alone. There are thousands of families who have eliminated as much unhealthy processed food from their diet as possible. It is not easy, there will be challenges, victories, losses, but in the end your children will be have a stronger immune system to fight disease and live a productive life.
 Parents want their children to make healthy eating choices, preventing unnecessary procedures, treatments, medications can be overcome by helping kids understand what happens when they put food in their bodies. 
 It is very difficult  battle for parents against advertisements, peer pressure, and social occasions to make sure kids eat whats good for them. Children love sweets, chips, ice cream, pizza, there are hundreds of unhealthy processed foods that are marketed to children. Processed, refined sugars contain zero nutritional value, highly processed foods such as cereals, snack food, soda, and ready to eat meals, only exacerbate auto immune disease, or contribute to early childhood obesity. Convenience is another challenge that contends with getting your children to make healthy food choices; after working a long day the last thing most parents want to do is cook a big meal. 
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Your Children Do Not Have Power Over Your Checkbook

  As the parent you are the ultimate authority over what foods you choose to bring in to your home. This is the time that if you are determined to make sure your children eat well then you have to be stern and resolute. The children will get mad, cry, whine, and generally make it known that they would rather jump in a bucket of spiders before they ate something healthy. Remember though, your children will not die, they will not stop loving you,  once they realize that there choices of food are limited to what is in the house they will eat what you have bought.
 Sit down with your children to explain to them why making healthy food choices is important.Remind them that this is not about judgment, discipline, or any action of theirs. As a parent you are responsible for their nutritional needs, as they need to be educated about making good choices. 
  A benefit for the children of having only healthy foods in your house is that for the most part, you children can eat as much as they desire. They are not going to get sick from eating too many apples, or carrots. There does need to be diversity in the selection of healthy foods, if not this can lead to boredom, dissatisfaction, and giving up on the change to a healthier diet.

What To Expect

   If your family is typical, meaning, your kids are pretty average, and are not taking any medications, then you will face roughly two weeks or so of battling while your children's taste buds change and digestive system adapts to nutrient dense foods. There could also be migraines, upset bowel movements, anger, and sneaking of non healthy foods.  Be patient with yourself and family, if you have a night or two in the first few weeks that you relapse into old behaviors dont give up, dont get down on yourself, take a deep breath and keep on trying. Persistence is the key to success.

 Cooking Together 
Cooking with your children is time that strengthens and deepens relationships with your children. Creating culinary delights is a time to enjoy being together as a family. During the hustle and bustle of activities the moments spent cooking together will be memories that last a lifetime. Cooking together give your children a sense of accomplishment, confidence in their ability to complete a task. And after the meal is done the satisfying feeling of a job well done.
 Imparting culinary knowledge to your children shows them how to be safe in the kitchen, keeping burners turned off, safe knife practices, and how to store food properly are a few of the skills children will learn. Given your child's age and development you will want to pick and choose what skills they might learn. Children thrive on feeling empowered and like they have control of things. Allowing a child, for instance, to rub a seasoning on a farm raised free range chicken is an activity they will fight over. 
 Children who learn how to cook will then make it even easier to live a life of healthy eating. They will be armed with the knowledge of how to cook the foods they like to eat, having this culinary knowledge will carry on in to their adult lives. As an adult they will pass along to their own children or partner the good eating habits they learned as children. Additionally being able to cook wonderful delicious meals is a valuable asset for any individual.

Healthy Living


There are many benefits to healthy eating, reduction in absence from school, moderation of mood swings, emotional stability, and a developing mind that is fed the fuel it needs to grow. Prevention of disease, diabetes, cancer are a few of the benefits to eating a diet of non processed foods. 
Food is only part of our overall health. Exercise, positive mental attitudes, and a healthy acceptance of others unconditionally. Love is a strong connection between mother daughter, father/son, husband/wife. Healthy nutritious food give us the benefits to live a long healthy productive life.