When it comes to healthy kids snacks, the easiest and best way to ensure that the children are getting the most vitamins is to go with fruits and vegetables.

However, there are so many more things you can do besides just a veggie & dip tray or a bowl of grapes.

Fruits and vegetables, depending on the variety, are full of antioxidants, essential vitamins like C, B, and E, and fiber.

Making sure your kids have their recommended daily allowances of fruits and veggies is one way to support their developing brains and their growing bodies.

Here are some fun ways to serve them that your kids will probably love!

Tea Sandwiches

We Americans haven't brought the tradition of afternoon tea down through the centuries with us, but tea sandwiches still make a great after school snack.

Cucumber sandwiches are quite easy. Peel and slice the cukes somewhat thinly, and serve them on whole grain bread with low fat cream cheese.

Carrot sandwiches are also lovely. Shred the carrots and mix them with nonfat mayonnaise or Miracle Whip and a little bit of ginger. Spread liberally on whole wheat bread. Cut both kinds of sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters. Healthy kids snacks can be fun!

Mini Torts

In a clear glass, alternate layers of yogurt with whole berries, and top with granola. This is similar to what you can get at a fast food restaurant, but you know there's no added sugar!


Often overlooked, Artichokes are a fun veggie to eat, for most kids. Steam them and serve the leaves with fat free mayonnaise or Miracle Whip for dipping.

Strawberry Bon Bon Bites

Core whole strawberries completely, and fill the hollowed out space with a mixture of fat free unflavored yogurt and honey. These explode in the mouth, and kids appreciate the mix of flavors.

The trick to getting kids who aren't thrilled with fruits and veggies is to get them to try them over and over, especially in new and interesting ways.

Strike a deal with reluctant veggie eaters that they'll try one new thing every week, and that they'll eat the whole serving before passing judgment. You may be surprised what healthy kids snacks they end up loving!