Why Is It That We Have Health Problems Down The Road?

We live our lives to the fullest, we enjoy it yet we still have problems when we age. Why is that? It primarily has to do with our modern lifestyle. Everybody has a mindset that I will be successful in life. However, trying to get up to that standard we eventually destroy ourselves. We push ourselves so much that we tend to destroy our health. A human body has to be respected and taken care of, if we cannot do that, then it will not function. 

Steps To Take Care Ourselves

1.) First and foremost rule of taking care of yourself is getting a good nights rest. An average             adult needs about eight hours of undisturbed sleep. [1]

2.) Who is not stressed these days, we have many problems the best way to tackle this is to                 cope with it and not to run away. Also when you cope with a problem you usually end up             with a solution which will make you feel relieved.

3.)  Get rid of  toxins in your body stop stuffing your body with junk foods alcohol and                          cigarettes these are the worst. They do not do good instead they cause more harm than                 good.

4.)  exercise regularly this is a great way to relieve stress on your body, also exercising can              help with problems such as diabetes it can lower the risk. 

5.)  Good health starts right in your kitchen. Well that is true your diet can affect you in a                   negative way or in a positive way. We need to cut down on the sugary and fatty foods                     and switch to healthy carbs and healthy fats.

6.)  Substitute white bread for wheat and not eating fatty foods eat healthy fats such a fish                 and nuts

These steps might be little, but if try to follow it then hopefully we can change our lifestyle and feel good about ourselves.

Free Yourself

Connect With Yourself

The most important aspect of connecting with yourself is knowing your limits. Everyone is different, we all have limits someone can handle a situation a lot better than the other person. We all are unique and different in many ways. When your body is giving you a sign of distress you should stop and listen to your body. 

We should indulge in nature more often, we have forgotten to connect with nature because of our modern lifestyle. We have smartphones available now we can do so many things from calling and texting to even working from your phone. However, when we text and call we are not face to face. We are so used to being in buildings in a city where everything is man-made we have forgotten to connect with nature. Going to the beach feeling the cold water on your skin or going to the mountains for hiking seeing the beautiful scenery. We should try to do these things that will make us feel better and to keep ourselves balanced after all don't you want to escape to something peaceful and quiet to feel refreshed and rejuvenated?