We all know that fast food is bad for us, but there are times when we just need to grab something on the go. And while fast food may never provide the most natural and nutritious dietary options, there are ways in which you can grab the occasional fast food fare without compromising your health goals or stuffing your body with saturated fats and cholesterol.

In recent years, McDonald's has made some dramatic changes to its menu. While it still offers the traditional Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and other artery-clogging treats, it has also added some healthier selections. Interestingly, many of its healthier menu items were introduced following the release of “Supersize Me,” a popular film that documented just how badly McDonald's food can destroy the human body.

So if you're on the road or you just want to stop in your local McDonald's for a healthy snack, you might try the Grilled Chicken Snack Wraps. These wraps do come prepared in a flour tortilla (not quite as healthy as the corn alternative), and do contain a small amount of cheese, but they make a much healthier alternative to the traditional McDonald's fare. The snack wraps are low in calories and come with different sauce options, including chipotle barbeque and honey mustard. Just make sure to ask for the grilled, and NOT the crispy snack wrap.

You can also order a number of salads at McDonald’s. For the health conscious, you might try the Premium Southwest Salad with (or without) Grilled Chicken. Dressing comes on the side, so you need not worry about your salad being drenched in high-calorie dressings. In addition, ask for the low fat balsamic vinaigrette, which is lower in fat and calories than the other dressings offered at McDonald's.

The Premium Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich may suffice if you feel like eating a hearty sandwich. Make sure once again to order you sandwich “grilled,” and not crispy. Additionally, you might want to ask the cashier to “hold the mayo,” for optimum nutritional value.

But what if you're in line during breakfast hours? You can order the oatmeal, which contains fruit and oats and falls under 300 calories, but be warned, the oatmeal also contains cream and brown sugar. Fortunately, you can request that the cream not be included in your meal.

So as you can see, there is definitely hope for the health-conscious, even in a nutritional wasteland like McDonald's. Just always read the ingredients and nutritional information (wherever you go), and make the best choices possible.