Rye bread recipe
Credit: Christian Gütter

Why this recipe?

In Denmark we eat rye bread almost every day. We eat it normally for lunch at home, at work and a cafes. In our supermarkets we have a wide selection of rye breads – with whole grains, cut grains, no grains etc. but all containing rye flour. Even though the breads in the shops are ok, they can’t beat the bread you can make yourself.

I make this bread from the same recipe once a week for my family. I do it because it taste better, it is way more fresh, it lasts longer with out getting bad or dry and it is cheaper than the ones you can buy in the shops. And you then also exactly knows what is in the bread.

A rye bread like this is what we in our family need for the week for the children’s lunch boxes and 1-2 lunches in the weekend. Try it out. It takes a little time, but it is easy and it is GOOD!!


1. Rye bread starter dough


  • 2 spoons of sour dough (see the recipe for sour dough below)
  • 7,5 deciliter water
  • 3 tea spoons salt
  • 375 gram white flour
  • 175 gram rye grain
  • 200 gram rye flour


Step 1
Mix all the ingredients well.



Step 2 
Leave in room temp in a bowl with a lid for ca. 24 hours. I use a Tupperware bowl.


Step 3
When you see bubbles on the surface it is ready. If you want a more sour bread you can leave it for longer. As long as it smells good and fresh and has bubbles it is fine to use.



Sour dough 


  • 2 spoons white flour
  • 1 spoon rye flour
  • 5 spoons water


1. Mix all the things well. If the dough is too thick then add more water.

2. The appearance should be like oatmeal.

3. Leave it in the fridge for 2-3 days until you see bubbles have appeared. Then it is ready for use.

4. When you use it take only half of the content. When the bread dough is finished you then take some of that dough and put that back to the rest of the sour dough. Then put it back in the fridge and it is ready for next time.


2. Final dough


  • Starter dough
  • 3-4 deciliter water
  • 400 gram rye flour


Step 4
Mix really well. It takes time to get all the rye flour absorbed.


- Remember to feed your sour dough with two table spoons of this dough.


Step 5 
Pour the dough into a big bread sized form.


Step 6 
Flatten the surface with a wet spoon.


Step 7
Cover it with film. Let it rise in room temp. to the edge of the form. It can take 2-3 hours.


Step 8
Make ca. 30 holes with a wet wooden stick all the way to the bottom. To prevent the top from falling off when you cut it later.


Step 9
Bake the bread for 1 hour and 15 min on 200 dgr celcious.


Step 10
Let the bread cool off for 3 hours before you cut it. Else it will be impossible to cut it into slices.




Instructual video

See here how to make the bread