Contrary to what many people may think or believe, your skin is, in fact, your body's largest organ. While serving a variety of critical roles and functions, from providing a durable protective barrier to helping to regulate your internal core temperature, the skin is also one of your most important organs as well. Of course, you could not live without your kidneys or heart either, but the skin serves so many critical functions in the sustainement of life that it's presence simply cannot be ignored.

Because of rapid stretching associated with a variety of natural, and unnatural occurrences, stretch marks (or straie) don't so much have a physiological impact on humans as much as it has a mental, emotional, and psychological impact on them. A human won't likely die from stretch marks, nor will they be hospitalized for long periods of time because some negative inverse impact on the remainder of the body's organs and systems. The development and presence of stretch marks, however, can have a far reaching impact on those who would just rather they be gone. There is simply no denying the great weight that society places on the physical appearance, and the abundance of stretch marks can make one feel ugly and less than satisfactory in a world that seemingly worships the physical perfections of those models and celebrities with perfect figures and bodies.

Fortunately, there are quite a few free methods available to you that you can begin using today in order to help diminish the visibility of any stretch marks that you may have. Whether they are the remnant of lost weight, or a recent pregnancy, you can begin applying these methods today. Bear in mind, there are also many treatment modalities available nowadays, such as laser treatments and dermabrasion, that will incur you a rather large cost.

Things You Will Need

  • Fresh Cut Lemon Wedges
  • a Tissue or Washcloth (to wipe off the lemon juice after 5-10 minutes)
  • Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, and/or Almond Oil
  • Water

Step 1

Regardless of where your stretch marks are located on your body, fresh cut lemon wedges have natural acidity that helps to exfoliate the dead stretch mark skin cells. With direct lemon to skin contact, you can rub the juices of a each lemon wedge onto your stretch marks and this juice will begin to safely exfoliate your skin. Fresh lemon juice also contains stimulating and invigorating properties that help the skin to naturally heal and grow.

Step 2

Once your fresh lemon juice has set on your skin for at least 5-10 minutes (and you wipe it off with a washcloth or tissue), your skin will be in need of another product in order to rehydrate it and revitalize it. The answer to this need for skin rehydration can be found in a variety of oil based topical solutions. With generally hydrated skin, those of Mediteranian descent can attest to the value of using oils to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. A generous massage application of olive oil, cocoa butter and almond oil is recommended as the next step in treating your stretch marks.

Step 3

When applying any type of oil to your skin, delicately massaging the area is necessary because of the great circulatory benefits it affords the human skin. As human fingers delicately caress the skin, oxygen filled blood is routed to your skin's surface. Massage, coupled with oils, when done over a period of time, can really help to diminish any appearance of your stretch marks.

Step 4

As a society that has come to rely on soft drinks and energy drinks, the incredible intrinsic value of water has become neglected by many people. While some do make it a point to drink a high quantity of quality water each day, many simply don't. Besides helping to keep your skin hydrated, an adequate intake of water also helps to keep your skin soft and elastic. When water is coupled with diet and regular exercise, it can be a winning combination in proactively combating stretch marks. If you are currently in a situation where you believe that stretch marks may occur, such as pregnancy, you can begin taking these proactive measures and gradually improving your lifestyle today so that the appearance of any stretch marks aren't nearly as prominent as they would be had you not consumed quality water, dieted, and worked out.

Step 5

While mentioned in the previous step of this InfoBarrel article, a healthy diet, that is rich in vitamins and minerals, is absolutely essential to ensuring healthy skin. Stretch marks can certainly be combated just adhering to a healthy balanced diet that is full of vitamins like Vitamins A, C, and D. As the building blocks of just about all things important in our body, protein should also be integrated into your vitamin and mineral packed diet. Proteins can be found in such foods as fish, eggs, and even nuts. Be sure to consume high levels of fruits and vegetables, with a moderate amount of milk/dairy in accordance with the revised Food Pyramid. Those food source will provide you with the combination of Vitamins that will help you effectively combat your stretch marks.
As mentioned in this InfoBarrel article, stretch marks can occur for a variety of reasons. When the skin is stretched, either knowingly or unknowingly, the appearance and development of stretch marks don't discriminate between race, culture, or ethnicity. They happen to everyone. Skin stretching will be unavoidable in many situations, such as the expansion of a woman's belly and waistline during pregnancy. For this reason, the previously cited methods in this InfoBarrel article can also be used proactively during the labor process. Doing this can help to minimize the effects of stretch marks before they become incredibly noticeable.

Tips & Warnings

It is highly recommended that you seek out professional medical advice through a consultation before you decide to progress into any other paid treatment modalities. Even though there may be some associated cost with the use of lemons and oils, these are generally very low priced items that many people have lying around the house to begin with. No deception was intentionally made in the title of this article: If you already have these items, available, which many people do, these treatment modalities and recommendations are absolutely free.

It is highly recommended that you maintain a proactive approach to treating your stretch marks. This essentially means that you should begin as early as possible. The further along progressed your stretch marks are, the more difficult they will be to minimize. It is essential that you take notice of the changes in their coloring, as the initial stage of stretch mark appearance and development will consist of stretch marks that are purple, pink, or brown in color (this depends on who the person, and the color of their skin to begin with). This is the best possible time to begin treating for your stretch marks.