If you're a little short on cash and can't afford (or maybe you want to save some of you money) but want a facial to keep your skin healthy and clear you've come to right place. Whether you're looking to replacing professional facials with your own or just looking to keep your skin healthy between visits, you can try this basic at home facial. This facial treatment will work on oily, dry, and combination skin and you only have to do the facial once per week.

This facial will only take you about 30 minutes to do and it's not going to require you to make anything to do.

Things You Will Need

The facial will require:

About 30 minutes of your time.
Gentle cleanser
Warm water & a washcloth
Clay-based (for oily skin) or cream (for combination or dry skin) facial mask (look here for good natural facial masks you can make in your home)
Basic moisturizer

Step 1

Cleanse the skin

You're going to want to wash your face of any dirt or grime that has built up during the day. If you have oily or combination skin, you can try using a cleanser like Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. If you have dry skin, you're going to want to use a cream or milky cleanser like Cetaphil.

Step 2


Using a circular motion with your fingers, you're going to want to rub a very gentle exfoliating scrub on your face. You'll want to make sure to focus on the areas around your nose or forehead, and of course, if you have combination skin you're going to rub the areas of you skin that are more oily. Rinse your face after exfoliating to prevent the scrub from drying.

Step 3


Fill your sink up with very hot (but not painfully hot) water and use a clean washcloth with the hot water and press the wet washcloth to your face. Repeat two to three times.

Step 4

The mask

If you have oily or combination skin you're going to want to use a clay-based face mask. If your skin is dry, use a gel or cream mask. Put the mask onto your face, taking care not to get it in the areas around your eyes. Keep it on for 10-20 minutes (or whatever the directions the company gives on the product). Rinse the mask completely off your face.

Step 5


Finally, you're going to want to apply a basic moisturizer. And that's how you do a facial at your home. Whether you're just planning on doing a home-treatment facials between visits to a professional or are going to do the home facials as a replacement, using these 5 simple steps for a facial, you will definitely see clear and healthy skin results.


-Natural, homemade facial masks

Tips & Warnings

When choosing a moisturizer, do not use a strong one that contains retinols or acids because they will over-exfoliate your skin.