Part of the reason that many people start to eat smoothies is to be healthier. Thankfully, there are many healthy smoothie recipes for you to take advantage of. Basically, any combination of fruits and vegetables will create a healthy snack or meal for you. Just leave out any hints of ice cream!

One mistake that some people who are trying to be healthy make is that they add a lot of heavy cream and ice cream to their smoothies. If you want a great desert that is one way to have it! On the other hand, it's not a great idea to have those things all the time.

It is a very lucky thing that fruits are naturally sweet and wonderful. Try your hand at some of these different healthy smoothie recipes. You'll notice that things like fatigue will decrease and concentration will increase!

Blueberry and Banana

Blueberries are great because they contain a lot of antioxidants.

You will need:

Cup blueberries
Cup yogurt
4 ice cubes

Mix all of these together to get a great, delicious smoothie. Notice that there is not milk or sugar added. The creamy flavor will come from the banana and the healthy, probiotic yogurt!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

If there is one of the most well known healthy smoothie recipes that takes them all it is the strawberry banana smoothie. These two fruits are brilliant tasting when they are combined. They are also extremely healthy so it's a winning situation all around.

You will need:

4 large, ripe strawberries
4 TBS applesauce
4 Cubes ice

Combine these ingredients into your smoothie blender and enjoy! The strawberry banana combination will leave you wanting more and your friends begging for some.

Raspberry and Blueberry

These are two very healthy fruits that will make a great combination for your healthy smoothie recipes.

You will need:

1 cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
1 cup applesauce
4 ice cubes

This will create a great mixture when you put it into your blender. As an added bonus, the blue and red colors will create a nice purple tone. This is great if you're dealing with children who are picky about their foods.

In fact, that is a great way to make sure that your children eat healthy. If you combine fruits that make various color combinations they will think it's a fun game. You'll get a lot more cooperation that way!

Making healthy smoothie recipes is a great thing to do. Your health and the health of your family members will improve. How often do you get a chance to eat things that are delicious and have them be healthy at the same time?

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