Fun and Easy Way to get your child to eat Vegetables!

Simple smoothie recipe for your child.

Eating vegetables are no fun. They're no fun for most adults, but the horror of viewing a plate for of greenery is compounded times A MILLION when you present it to a child. When faced with this dilemma it's very easy to say that it's not worth the trouble. However, dogging vegetables does not make for a healthy life. There is an easy cost effective solution to fix this everyday problem: SMOOTHIES. Smoothies are basically vegetables in a blender, and with the right recipes you can pack a ton of vegetables into a drink while still having it taste delicious. Kids are the arbiters of taste, and I guarantee these will please even the harshest of your mini-culinary-critics.

This recipe is for one of the most healthy smoothies anyone (kids and adults) could drink. It combines the many benefits of Kale (yes you can have you child ingesting Kale and being happy about it) and Spinach while tasting great. The best blender for smoothies is a Vitamix.

Kale Smoothie for Kids (Blender): 

2 Stalks of Kale (washed and de-stalked) 

1 Handful of Spinach 

2 Bananas 

1 Cup Coconut Water

1 Cup Pineapple Juice

2 Cups Ice (important) 

1 1/2 Cup Blue Berries 

1. Prepare all your ingredients: wash all produce and peel the leaves off the kale discarding the stalks (or compost). I like to store the berries in the freezer to keep longer and to thicken the consistency of the drink. 

2. The order of blending the ingredients are very important for most blenders due to the fibrous Kale. So first add your bananas, pineapple juice, coconut water, and berries. Blend at a medium pace for 1 min. After this is liquified add your spinach and kale, blend for another minute on medium speed. Once this is done the final addition will be your ice.

3. This produces a wonderfully tasting sweet drink that has all the vegetables and fruits your child needs for the day. BE CAREFUL: Children usually are not fans of things that appear as green as this drink, so I recommend putting it in a fun hard plastic cup to opaque the color inside.

I hope you and your child enjoy this smoothie recipe, it's great for adults too!