If you're anything like me and find yourself needing a quick and convenient snack at work or at home this can all too often lead to some poor and less healthy eating decisions.  You know, when you're at work and need something quick and easy and go for a chocolate bar!  Or, you grab that bag of chips from the cupboard, or a blueberry muffin from the coffee shop if you're out and about.  Oftentimes for me this becomes a slippery slope and I end up overeating on these kinds of foods.  
I've found leaving the house with a pocketful of nuts is a really handy and more health-conscious option.  Most people are aware that nuts, generally, contain good levels of protein, fiber, essential fats, vitamins and minerals.  And not all nuts however have the same nutritional content but I would strongly suggest that Almonds are worth adding to your shopping list and trying as an alternative healthy snack especially if you need something convenient.
For starters, Almonds are a good source of protein.  Per 100g they provide around 21g of protein.  They also contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates (around 22g) which particularly makes them a good option if you are trying to control the amount of Carbohydrate in your diet.  They also contain a relatively high amount of Vitamin E which some research suggests is very good for your skin and complexion.  Research also suggests that eating Almonds can assist with blood-sugar control which is particularly important for people with Type 2 Diabetes.  
Whilst being a sensible choice from a nutritional perspective, my main reason for consuming and advocating Almonds is that they are just an amazingly convenient snack.  There is no preparation work involved (eat them raw as the skin contains nutrients) and they can be consumed discretely without the need to mix them or have cutlery on hand.  They are also odor-free!
Like most nuts Almonds are calorific, but I think most people would struggle to eat 100g of Almonds (575 calories), and I'd suggest about 1oz which is around 20 - 25 Almonds makes for a perfect snack size.  Taken with a glass of water Almonds make for a satisfying and healthy snack.  So stock-up and take a handful, or pocketful, with you and let me know how you get on!