You probably have been told that vitamins are healthy for you, but at what levels are they healthy? Having too much of a good thing can be dangerous and that includes vitamins. You need to find the balance when it comes to vitamin intake. This article will provide you with some help on how to decide how much vitamins you should intake into your diet.

Healthy Vitamin Levels

Vitamin deficiencies are obviously unhealthy because they are a sign of a lack of vitamins. Some signs of vitamin deficiencies are having weak nails and brittle hair. Another sign is that if you have white lines across your nails, you are probably lacking some essential vitamins. There are a few ways you can increase your vitamin intake to return your nails, and overall health to normal.

An increase in vegetables and fruits is the natural way to increase your vitamins. You could have a salad and fruit salad every day. This will surely increase your vitamin levels while keeping them at a safe level. Many people do not have time to make he salads every day so there are some alternatives.

You could take a multivitamin. This pill has many vitamins crammed into one easy to take pill. This may seem like the perfect alternative but there are some down sides. Because there are so many vitamins to absorb, your body may not be able to take all the vitamins in. You will increase your vitamin levels, but not evenly across the board.

To counteract this you could not take a multivitamin, but take separate vitamin supplements. By taking a group of supplements in the morning and a group of supplements in the afternoon, you will be able to absorb them more effectively.

Special Vitamins

Vitamin D is a special vitamin that you can increase its levels by spending more time outside. The recommended healthy dosage of sunlight is two days of fifteen minutes. This will allow your body enough time to increase the vitamin D levels while also having minimal exposure to the sun and the risk of skin cancer.

Vitamin E and vitamin A are also a special vitamins. They are special in the fact that they are absorbed together, usually. Vitamin A requires an oil to be absorbed and vitamin E typically comes in oil form. By taking these two together, you will help your body increase the levels of both vitamins. These two vitamins will also help you gain clear skin and better hair.

Being Healthy With Vitamins

Having a healthy vitamin level will help you immensely. You will feel like you have more energy. Your immune system will be stronger. You will also have healthier skin, which is always a good thing. As with everything though, as long as you have the right level of vitamins and consume in moderation, you will be living a healthier life style.