You need to be considering just your weight as a sign of healthy living.Your ideal weight is now dependant on your height is known as the BMI or Body Mass Index.Your height and your weight will be taken into consideration when working out your BMI, which in turn will give an indication of your healthiness.There are plenty of online BMI calculators if you want to know your healthy weight.Weight on it sown is not a great indicator of body fat, a BMI test is quicker and better.

Waist to Hip Measurements

Part of the BMI scoring is with a hip measurement, but measuring the hips alone will not take into account a growing waistline. Growing hips, or fat on the hips is not a real health issue.If you gain more weight around the hips, then you are no more unhealthy than a skinny person, even though you may not like the way it looks.A concern is if your midriff section continues to grow which can put a high physical strain on the body.Illnesses such as Cancer, strokes and Diabetes have been shown to have an increased probably when fat is stored around a persons midrif.

There are many reasons that the body will hold into fat in the middle section.Primarily the reason that this happens is our genetic makeup.The stress caused by hectic lives means our bodies rarely feel as though they are in a constant state. Since we are rarely in the true fight or flight place our body gets extra chemicals floating around in their systems.glucose will be reabsorbed into the body and stored as fat. If you live a high stress lifestyle this could be one main contributor to excess weight around the middle.If you have trouble sleeping, have nightmares, hair loss and frequent colds then the chances are you are experiencing high stress levels.

Healthy Changes

There are some easy steps that can be taken to lower your BMI and get to a healthy weight.The most integral and important step is to change what you are eating. Eat smaller meals more often throughout the day.An enemy of fighting fat are white carbs and saturated fats.Never skip breakfast or load up on protein, eat some healthy food stuffs in the morning.Vitamins and minerals are an important part of the process.Have a chat with your doctor and make sure he/she has got all your necessary vitamins listed.Your BMI will be greatly improved by subscribing to a constant exercise timetable.

This does not mean that you need to join a gym, you may want to go to some leeds spa days to break yourself in gently but step up your physical activity. Don't feel as though you need to go to a gym, just walk or jog around the block or take a trip out and have some couples spa days.

By doing a small amount of walking, your energy levels will pick up.To increase your exercise potential, simply up the time or work rate.All that weight will move off the body slower the older you are getting.A reduction in stress level is one of the most important aspects in weight loss.Doing some relaxation techniques or taking extended holidays can de-stress the body. Find your way to unwind and stick to it!