15 Weeks Pregnant Gaining weight the correct, healthy way during pregnancy can help your baby get off to a good start. Not only that, it can help you avoid putting on unwanted pounds that linger around for months after giving birth.

How much weight should you gain?

  • If you are at a normal weight upon getting pregnant, it is ideal to gain an average of 30 pounds.
  • If you are underweight upon getting pregnant, it is ideal to gain an average of 30 to 35 pounds.
  • If you are overweight upon getting pregnant, it is ideal to gain an average of about 20 pounds.

How many calories should you eat?

Even thought you are eating for two, just remember that second one you are eating for is not the same size as yourself. So, even though you need 2,000 calories, the little one only needs a few hundred. You should increase your normal calories intake to about 300 calories per day. This is not the time to diet! Your baby needs all these nutrients to develop and grow into a healthy individual.

How much should you exercise?

This depends on how much you exercised before getting pregnant. If you are an active person, there is no reason you can still be active. That is as long as you are healthy and the pregnancy is going smoothly. If you rarely ever exercised before, now is not the time to begin an extreme workout routine. Walking is the best and safest exercise for pregnant mommies, especially those who were not active before. Anyone should consult their doctor before starting an exercise routine to be safe. If you are experiencing any problems with your heart or blood pressure exercise could be dangerous, you might talk to your doctor to rule out toxemia.

What should you eat?

Well there will be some weird cravings for something like chips crushed on top of ice cream! Small indulgences every once in awhile are okay but not every meal! Eating better choices to get the most nutrients from those calories is best. Peanut butter, oats, apples and lean meats are good choices. Avoid eating lunch meats as there is a small risk of listeria. Avoid eating fish that is high in mercury. Never eat any raw meat, fish or shellfish while pregnant. Parasites and bacteria in food that can cause minor problems in adults can cause serious risk to fetus. Talk to your doctor about which foods you should avoid during pregnancy.