If there's two vital things in life, it's money and food. You want to have enough of both, right? Well, unfortunately you got a spend a little cash to obtain food. However, there's ways to get around it and spend less of your hard-earned money on food. One way is to live off Kraft Dinner and McDonalds. Obviously, that's a recipe for disaster and sickness. You're better off buying healthy foods, which are generally more pricey. This article will inform you of all the healthiest and cheapest foods.

Healthy and Cheap Foods

  • Oats

Uses: Muffins, breads, cookies, porridge, cereal, granola, trail mix

Price: $0.20 per 1/2 cup
Why it's Good: Complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein

  • Broccoli
    Why it's Good: Vitamins and minerals
  • Bananas

Price: $0.17
Why it's Good: Potassium, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals

  • EGGS

Price: $0.20 per egg
Why it's Good: Good cholesterol, excellent source of protein

  • Apples

Price: $0.11
Why it's Good: Vitamin C, fiber, carbohydrates

  • Peanuts, walnuts, almonds
  • Beans


Why it's Good:

  • Refried beans

Uses: Burritos, nachos, tortillas or a side dish

Price: A buck a can, with each can providing 3 servings. Works out to $0.33
Why it's Good: Protein, fiber and iron

  • Wild RICE

Uses: Side dish or in soups, stews, sides, rice salads, casseroles and more.

Price: $0.10

Why it's Good: Complex carbohydrates, fiber and a little protein

  • Squash
  • Whole grain pasta

Uses: Cold and hot pasta

Price: $0.30 for 2 ounces of dry pasta
Why it's Good: Complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein

  • Sardines

Price: $0.75
Why it's Good: Healthy fats, protein, along with vitamins and minerals

  • Spinach

Uses: Salads, soups, stew, casseroles, quiche, omelets

Price: $0.17 per cup
Why it's Good: Loaded in vitamins and fiber

  • Homemade whole wheat bread

Uses: Hot and cold sandwiches, bread crumbs, stuffing

Price: $0.25 for two slices
Why it's Good: Complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber

  • Carrots

Price: $0.10
Why it's Good: Loaded in vitamin A

  • Peanut butter

Price: $0.60 per 2 tbsp

Why it's Good: Healthy fats and a source of protein

  • Canned tuna

Uses: Sandwiches, side dish, salads, with crackers

Price: Around $0.60
Why it's Good: Great fat and loaded in protein

  • Frozen veggies

Uses: Side dishes, casseroles and stews

Price: $0.12 for 1/2 cup
Why it's Good: Vitamins, fiber

Healthy and Cheap Drinks

  • Tap WATER

Price: Almost free

  • Milk
  • Coffee

Price: Varies, but a homemade brew costs less than $0.40 a cup
Why it's Good: Cancer fighting compounds, including antioxidants

Healthy and Cheap Supplements

  • Protein powder

Uses: Very cheap source of protein

  • Multivitamin

Uses: Supplements your nutritional needs

Price: Varies

Other Ideas for Eating Healthy and Cheap

Gardening - depending on your garden size, you can save a significant amount of money.

Generic food - Similar quality for a lower price

Buying in bulk - This easy-to-implement tip can save you a pile of cash

Healthy and Cheap Food