Mahi-mahi with sweet potato "fries" and garlic sauteed kale

Check out the amazing-ness you can create in under 20 minutes!

One of the number one problems people seem to have with nutrition is cooking a quick and healthy meal. Most people subscribe to the school of thought that quick means it has to come in a bag from the drive thru line, but this is 100 percent NOT TRUE. It takes a little preperation on your part, meaning, you have to take the time to go grocery shopping, but after that, many healthy things from the grocery store can be prepared in a simple yet delicious manner.


I am a big fan of fish. My favorites are salmon and trout, but oftentimes I can get sick of those and want to try something different. The other night I decided to buy mahi-mahi from Trader Joe’s. It is about 7 dollars for 2 pieces. It was fresh frozen, which means the fish was quickly frozen while still fresh. Mahi-mahi has about 20 grams of protein for a 3 ounce serving. It also contains essential B vitamins, which support your immune system and nourish your skin and liver. This fish I made was very simple. I thawed out two pieces of mahi-mahi, laid them on a piece of foil. In a small dish I had 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil, some lemon rind, some chopped pieces of parsley (you can actually buy this already chopped at the grocery store, what a time saver!) and salt and pepper and I poured it over the pieces of fish.  Then put them in the oven for about 9-10 minutes.


I was also in the mood for sweet potatoes, but I felt like I wanted to make them comfort style, so I made my own sweet potato “fries”. This takes about 15 minutes to do. Take a sweet potato, chop it into thin (or think, depending on how you like it) circles. On the side in a small bowl (or to save bowls, you can use the bowl from the mahi dressing since it is essentially the same thing), put 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil, some salt and pepper and some garlic powder (if you have it) and dip each potato slice in this mixture. Then spread them on a piece of foil and cook for about 10-12 minutes next to the mahi-mahi. Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene, which is good for vision and skin, and fiber. A bag of organic sweet potatoes at Trader Joe’s costs about $2.99, so I figure one potato will cost you 50 cents.


Then the kale, I bought already chopped. I know they sell it pre-chopped at Trader Joe’s, but I am not so sure of where else. This is a major time saver, so you don’t have to wash and chop each piece. I poured about two cups into a pan with some olive oil and chopped garlic and lemon pepper and sauteed for about 2 minutes. Very easy and kale is extrememly good for you. It is high in iron, vitamins A and C and is anti-inflammatory, fighting against arthritis and autoimmiune disorders. The whole bag of kale at Trader Joe’s is $1.99, so the two cups will cost you about $1.00.


So you see, this whole meal is made in under 20 minutes and is healthy and reasonably priced (8.50! Better than most fast food restaurants!!). Definitely a winner in my book, try it and see what you think.





This is what a delicious, nutritious, easy home-cooked meal looks like!

Mahi mahi with sweet potato and kale
Credit: Carrie Gabriel