Healthy at 50 – yes, of course!

I was in a pharmacy the other day and overheard the following conversation between a customer and an assistant: "I'm looking for something to help me, I've turned 50 and you know what it's like? My body is all aches and pains, now" the customer said. The assistant agreed and proceeded to list all her joint twinges It made me think – I'm 53, and my body is working really well, thank you very much! Surely, one's body can be healthy at any age. A few simple changes to one's life can make all the difference allowing you to look forward to enjoying your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Things You Will Need

  • Listen to your body and eat accordingly (for example, I'm a vegetarian and my body tells me when I need to eat more protein and less carbohydrate).

  • Drink plenty of clear liquids during the day – don't forget 'thirst signals' can often be misinterpreted as 'hunger signals'.

  • Moderate alcohol – maximum intake levels can be found at

  • Get a good night's sleep – this will help your energy and stress levels.

  • Exercise is not a dirty word! Try to go for a substantial walk every day (if necessary borrow a dog. Swimming is good for anyone with painful joints. If you don't fancy walking, try joining a Gym for a more structured exercise routine.

  • Cut your salt intake – check labels on all processed food and avoid the ones with a high salt content. Don't use it for cooking – there is really no need.

  • Fruit and vegetables are a must – five a day if you can, but if you can't, just do your best.

  • For all meat-eaters – try to keep to lean cuts of white meat or consider swopping red meat with fish.

  • Stop smoking – simple but effective.

  • Take at least 10 minutes each day out of your busy life to 'just be'. Everyone needs a breathing space during the day to re-charge their batteries.

Walking is funSwimming for health

It cannot be denied that keeping fit and healthy, regardless of age, is a goal that everyone should try to achieve.

A special message from me -chocolate is not a sin – however, aim for moderation.

Tips & Warnings

An important note – before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine, please consider consulting your GP.