Healthy eating habits for kids

The very fact that you are reading on ‘Healthy eating for children’ shows that you are interested in the health of your child/children.  Starting your child on a healthy diet early in life is the best gift you can ever give to your child.  Most of the health problems that we see in the world today are because of unhealthy eating habits.  This is caused because of poor choice of food, food fads, lack of time, lack of knowledge and the attitude that I am young and healthy and I do not have to watch what I eat.   If we do not introduce our children to the right foods at a very young age, they develop a taste for all that is unhealthy and it is difficult to break a bad habit, especially poor food habits.

As a young mother, I would feel so bad when my baby refused to eat, so I will add a little sugar into his food to make it tasty for him so that I could

Heating healthy

tempt him to eat a few mouthfuls.  My older child quickly developed a taste for fatty, tasty and unhealthy instant foods.  With my second child I became older and wiser, I did not introduce him to processed sugars instead started him balanced home cooked meals, fresh fruits and vegetables that are natural and healthy.  He has learnt to eat healthy.  A child develops taste for the kind of foods that you feed him or her from the time he/she is a baby. So it is important to have a healthy eating plan for your children.

Tips for healthy eating for children

Make sure every meal that you serve is balanced and as natural as possible. Packaged or instant food has too much sugar, salt and preservatives in them.  All of these are unhealthy. The added vitamins and minerals printed on the carton does not make the content healthy, it is because the actual food is depleted of the natural vitamins and minerals while processing.

Before you start your child on meat or meat products always make sure that you are serving of fruits and vegetables with it. This way they learn to eat healthy and balanced food.  Even a simple freshly cooked home food is better than any enriched packaged food.

Use a wide variety of vegetables and fruits; make sure to add green leafy vegetables to every meal possible.  Raw vegetables, pulses, fruits and nuts should be a part of every meal.

Alternate the fruits and vegetables and try different combinations so that your children are not bored. 

Make colourful fruits and vegetables your friend.  They are not only good looking on the plate but are also rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. A natural healthy diet is always the best.

Salads made with raw vegetables, sprouts and fruits should be apart of every meal. Steamed or lightly stir fired veggies are healthier than over cooked or fried food.

Consuming fresh fruits is better than drinking fruit juices as they contain more fibre.

Make your own breads or pizzas with whole grains or multi grains; if not buy a product that is healthy and not made of refined of flours.  Use Red rice in the place of white rice as it contains more minerals and fibre.

Natural healthy food is what your kid's body and brain need to function optimally.

Avoid chocolates or sugary desserts or treats; instead a bowl of freshly cut fruits tastefully arranged with a dollop of fresh cream would be a healthier treat.  The high fibre in fruits and vegetables encourage regularity and ease of bowel movement.  This is a good habit to inculcate in your child from a young age.

Instant foods are a definite ‘no-no’. 

Never introduce your child to fizzy drinks.  The carbon dioxide and high sugar in these drinks just give empty calories making your child hyper active, irritable and restless.  Problems like obesity, dental cavities and low nutritional levels are also caused by these. Teach them to drink clean, pure water as much as possible.  There is nothing equal to a good drink of water. 

If you start your child early on some good eating habits, you would have given them good health for life.